Wouldn’t it be great to work in a company where each staff member felt engaged, aligned with the purpose of the organization, motivated and encouraged to achieve?  How often do we feel overwhelmed and unable to function at our very best, let alone inspire others to achieve?

A recent Gallup survey found that more than 50% of employees would leave their jobs tomorrow if they could. They identified three types of employees:

  • 27% of survey respondents felt engaged in their work
  • 59% were not engaged but said they could become engaged with the right inspiration and motivation.
  • 14% were actively disengaged and actively acting on their unhappiness, thus undermining the work of their colleagues.

Does this describe you or your workplace?

Gáler Coaching for Excellence can help.

Leaders who work with Gáler Coaching for Excellence are unwilling to accept the status quo.  Working with our coaches they …

  • are able to achieve objectives they had thought were not within their grasp, and allow themselves to dream of even bigger opportunities.
  • become inspirational leaders who are able to motivate and engage their teams to succeed.
  • lead their teams and staff to reach their potential.
  • become open to, and are able to capitalize on, opportunities they never could see before.

If you are a leader who wants to …

  • change these engagement statistics for your company, division or department;
  • re-energize managers who are overwhelmed by new or changing responsibilities;
  • develop the leadership skills of potential stars on your staff;
  • develop stronger teams who achieve results…

If you, yourself want to …

  • become more engaged and productive;
  • manage change effectively for yourself and others;
  • overcome the barriers that are holding you back;
  • tap your true leadership potential…

If you want to end your struggle to …

  • meet the demands of the workplace, family and  community;
  • connect your current career to your future plans;
  • find time and energy for yourself…

Gáler Coaching for Excellence is here for YOU!