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A few weeks ago, moved by the scenes of devastation following Typhoon Hayan, I challenged readers of my newsletter to make a donation to organizations offering assistance to the victims. My challenge took the form of an offer to actos 15mg pills $69.00 match donations.   Several people responded and actos 15mg pills $69.00, with employer matching, I am delighted to report that together we raised about $1000 for UNICEF and the Red Cross. Of course, this is the season of giving, with the winter holidays’ emphasis on gifts both personal and to charitable organizations.   On the personal side, retailers and manufacturers count on this season for a substantial portion of their annual sales. The frenzy of advertising, incentives, expanded hours and all kinds of gimmicks to increase sales are reported daily in the news, and their success or failure are the subject of constant review and analysis. Giving, it appears, is secondary to buying.   Charitable organizations are likewise dependent on this season for a substantial part of their annual revenues.   Repeated appeals crowd our mailboxes and voice mail systems.   Our recycling bins overflow with these mailings and I hate to think of how many trees have been cut unnecessarily for all the attention we pay to these appeals. Fortunately, along with the stories of buying frenzies the media have reported some wonderful stories of “RACKing” – practicing “Random Acts of Christmas Kindness”, such as paying off strangers’ charge card balances or leaving anonymous gifts. I have been thinking about what moves us to give. Is it simply in our nature and our genes, the result of ethical and/or religious teachings or of social pressures? We are not equally inclined to generosity, so it is unlikely that any one of these factors alone is at play.   As Adam Grant explains in Give and Take, people tend to fall into three categories, Givers, Takers and Matchers, with implications for how we function in most social or work situations. These tendencies, however, can change over time given the appropriate stimuli, experience or social pressures. Actos 15mg pills $69.00 i wonder if this is season offers us an opportunity to move the needle by tapping our hidden giver.   According to Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness, one of the most successful strategies for increasing our own happiness is to practice acts of kindness.  Beyond the immediate effect on [actos 15mg pills $69.00] the subject, such acts may cause others to “Pay it forward, ” creating a virtuous cycle with enormous potential benefits. With all this in mind, what will you do during this holiday season to make someone else’s holiday brighter? What is one thing you can do to increase your own happiness by contributing to another’s? By the way, kindness and generosity are essential elements of leadership. It is difficult to think of true leaders who do not demonstrate these virtues in the way they led and managed their staff, or related to their peers or community. Can you imagine the impact on our workplaces and our communities if more people practiced kindness and generosity?  

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