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It’s Commencement season, a sweet and sad time for many. In our family we celebrated the college graduation of my niece last weekend and, just yesterday, my son received his B. A.  Another nephew graduates with a Masters in Education in a couple of weeks.   In addition to experiencing the pomp and circumstance of the colorful academic processions and seeing the happy, and often relieved, faces of students and their families, we were treated to hearing the, hopefully, inspiring words of community or intellectual leaders. Most Commencement addresses follow a similar pattern in that the speaker shares his or her life story, the challenges overcome and the opportunities taken, and exhorts graduates to forge their own path in the world.   Only too often they are an insipid mix of clichés and self-aggrandizement.   Every once in a while acyclovir 800mg acyclovir 800mg pills $239.00 pills $239.00, a speaker actually speaks from the heart and even if the message and the rhetoric are the same, their words find resonance with their audience. My children had the good fortune and merit to attend schools where the Commencement speakers were, indeed, inspiring though in different ways.   Colin Powell spoke three years ago at my daughter’s Commencement. Acyclovir 800mg pills $239.00 he spoke of opportunities squandered and taken, and of finding and doing something he loved. He told of the gratitude he felt for the country that welcomed his immigrant parents, and of his service in return. At my son’s graduation we had a somewhat unusual speaker, the Hollywood movie and television producer, director and actor, Garry Marshall of Pretty Woman and Happy Days fame.   His talk was highly entertaining, peppered with anecdotes of a long career and sprinkled with the names of the many celebrities with whom he has worked.   His [acyclovir 800mg pills $239.00] cheer and self-deprecating humor, however, barely masked an important and timely message:  adversity will hit and it is up to you, and only you, to overcome it and succeed.   He told of the many times he faced adversity and how he learned from each one to do better the next time. Quoting Samuel Beckett, he exhorted graduates to “fail again, fail better”. (If you'd like to see the complete address follow this) If you have followed my blog posts, you know this is a favorite theme:   . For the millennial generation that includes my children, learning to fail and overcome adversity may be a new lesson as so many of us parents have supported, praised and protected them. Entering the workplace in the current economy may feel like being thrown into the deep end of the pool without water wings or swimming lessons.   Even so, I believe that this generation can learn to become resilient. Even as they encounter a tough hiring environment. Through their resourcefulness, much higher levels of collaboration and community/social involvement they can create a new normal that is vibrant, prosperous and inspiring for all of us.  

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