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When inspiration seems difficult we have a number of different ways to act.   I have been struggling to find ideas for this blog and have postponed writing it a few times.   I found many excuses for not writing and even “forgot” that I had intended to write a blog a few days ago. Yes, I sometimes procrastinate and I know that it is a dangerous thing to admit to those I might coach on handling such situations. Still, whether it is the consequence of a long vacation, too much to do or the lack of inspiring ideas, I don’t know.   What I do know is that the only thing that got me to this point is to set a deadline for myself.   Finally, I told myself “Write the blog and create my newsletter by end of the day today. ” To find inspiration, I went through my previous postings and was surprised to find that I have already [adhd mentat 60 tablets bottle $286.00] written nearly 60.   The number surprised me.   I could not remember writing that many.   That’s almost a small book! Rather than discourage me (“How many more topics could there possibly be?”) that number has actually inspired me:  I have written on a number of my favorite topics - leadership, fear, collaboration, influence adhd mentat 60 tablets bottle $286.00, etc. – and still have much I would like to say. In fact, my inspiration came from seeing this body of work. I realized that what would make this far more interesting is if it could begin a dialogue with my readers. Adhd mentat 60 tablets bottle $286.00   it would be wonderful to have you comment and contribute your own ideas.   Would you be willing to do this? A dialogue would definitely enrich the conversation How would this work?  Would you be willing to answer a question for each blog? Of course, I will retain editorial control, adhd mentat 60 tablets bottle $286.00 since I have found a number of spam messages in submitted comments.   However, I promise to approve serious contributions as written. By the way – the process I used to stop procrastinating works:

  • Set a meaningful deadline
  • Write it down
  • Set aside the time when you cannot be distracted
And now for the first interactive blog:  Please share with us either how this process worked for you and/or what do you do to stop procrastinating. Join me! It could be a most interesting journey.  

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