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December 28, 2009 Among the benefits of making a major career change is that one begins to see the world from a different perspective.   Since learning is one of my strongest values, I have also made a firm commitment to deepening my understanding of coaching approaches and the theories behind them. As a result, I have read a number of interesting books that I would like to share with my blog readers.   In addition to books about or related to coaching I will also list some of my favorite reads of the past year, including fiction and non-fiction.   Here is the first installment of my reading recommendations. Enjoy! Self Development and Coaching: Energy Leadership, by Bruce D. Schneider – This book exemplifies the iPEC coaching approach and introduces the seven Core Energy levels within a business “fable. ”  This is a fast and interesting read for anyone who is interested in experiencing coaching.   A good friend who is a senior manager at a pharmaceutical research lab has read this book several times and uses what she has learned to manage her staff. Aldactone 25mg pills $118.00 fierce conversations, by susan scott - scott describes a philosophy for increasing the level of engagement aldactone 25mg pills $118.00, truth, understanding and learning through conversation. In seven principles, she creates a context and approach to [aldactone 25mg pills $118.00] conversations that can be applied in the workplace, the family or friendships. Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman – Goleman outlines in great detail the neurological and psychological reasons behind emotional reactions.   EQ (Emotional Quotient) rather than IQ can be a better predictor of social and career success. Understanding the interplay between our emotions and the mechanisms for managing them aldactone 25mg pills $118.00 is helpful for the individual and especially for the coach. Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell - The thesis of this book is that many factors impact on success, not just innate talent.   Social, emotional and economic factors and even date of birth can greatly influence success, especially as they relate to the ability to follow the maxim “practice makes perfect. ”

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