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In my last blog I shared the first of five essential skills for acing the interview: Showing Confidence,   In thinking about this second blog on listening, I was suddenly struck with the realization that mastery of these five skills is essential not just for interviews for most situations.   How valuable is showing confidence when teaching, speaking in public or meeting a stranger? The same applies to listening.   When we listen deeply and respectfully, without judging we can learn, understand the speaker and gain new insights.   Interestingly enough, it is not just the listener that benefits.   When we truly listen we liberate the speaker to think powerfully and creatively.   When we eliminate the fear of interruption, it gives freedom to their imagination. Not so long ago I was not a good listener.   I interrupted to share my own experience.   I thought about what I would say when the other person paused even just for a breath.   I compared their story to mine and judged which was "better", and then one-upped them. What made me change? A wonderful teacher and coach, Nancy Kline, introduced me to her method for unleashing creativity in a workshop on creating an environment that promoted thinking, and later through her book Time to Think.   Nancy teaches that listening must be mutual and when it follows a set of agreed rules, including no interruptions, following the other's gaze, non-judging and then asking incisive questions. I found when I listen and am listened to in this way, clarity and creative solutions flow freely. So, back to interviews.   What aspects of this [betagan 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00] powerful way of listening are applicable to interviews?  Actually betagan 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00, all of them.   As the candidate, you will want to listen for understanding.   Being certain of what is being asked is key to providing a satisfactory answer. Of course, you will want to think through what your answer will be and it's OK to take a moment, perhaps by simply saying, "that's and interesting question" betagan 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00 to formulate your answer from the arsenal of STAR stories you've practiced (See earlier blog on PASS).   You can also paraphrase the question at the end if you have any doubt of its meaning, though I would suggest you use this sparingly. Hold the interviewer's gaze as she asks the question.   Not only will this show confidence, it will also help her formulate her question in the clearest way possible.   Do the same when you answer, of course. Whatever you do, DON'T INTERRUPT! You may be excited to answer a question or think you know where the interviewer is going.   Resist the urge.   You cannot know what the question will be until the question is finished.   You cannot show respect and expect it if you interrupt. Betagan 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00 when it is your turn to answer you want to be able to speak without interruptions and the best way of receiving this treatment is to give it. It may seem like a simple idea, listen and you will be listened to. When being interviewed for a job, you do want to be listened to and you want your message heard. What better way than by listening for understanding?  

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