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December 6th, 2010  |  Published in General Thoughts

Herbal viagra Baby boomers’ parents (mostly fathers) entered the workplace on or around the end of WWII and retired forty years later having generally stayed with only one employer.  How many of us have heard those stories of the company being like family, herbal viagra and of loyalty to and from long-term employees.  My father-in-law returning from service in the South Pacific answered a classified ad looking for a go-getter who was willing to learn.  He stayed with his employer, herbal viagra rising from a back room job to be a top salesman in his firm and only retired when his health demanded it.

Herbal viagra The Boomer generation felt at times caught in between the model of single employer, herbal viagra linear career growth and the more current one that involves multiple roles, herbal viagra developmental assignments, herbal viagra lateral moves and frequent organizational changes as a result of mergers, herbal viagra acquisitions and downsizings.

Herbal viagra In preparing for my upcoming teleseminar (Transform Your Career from Misery to Happiness) I have been reflecting on the impact that these changes have on us and wondered whether we recognize how these much less predictable career trajectories impact our identities.  How often, herbal viagra on first meeting someone, herbal viagra do we identify ourselves by our job or title?  Much more often than might be healthy given that our jobs may be impermanent.

Herbal viagra I believe that the shift to a more dynamic career path is actually an improvement.  As Herminia Ibarra wrote in 2003  (Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career, herbal viagra Harvard Business School Press), herbal viagra the “plan and implement” career approach can often result in disappointment.  Rather she advocates for a  “test and learn” approach where one does not build long-term expectations on any single job assignment but uses them to find that career opportunity that makes work play

Herbal viagra Changes in the ways that companies fund (or don’t) pension plans and health care coverage will also impact an employee’s decision to stay with an employer.  The ability to retain talented and critically important staff will depend much more on the ability to provide the environment, herbal viagra culture and motivation to engage them.

Herbal viagra If you are in the more than 50% of the US workforce that is not feeling engaged at work or have reached a plateau or critical juncture in your career, herbal viagra consider attending our upcoming teleseminar.  You’ll be glad you did.

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