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In the balcony scene, Shakespeare's Juliet asks “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. ”  And then there are numbers - I have been thinking about numbers lately. Whether these are  important or trivial, we measure our lives using numbers:  ages, distances, sizes, values, costs, etc.   We compare our worth looking at things, friends, likes, property, salaries, and so on. Quantifying is a seductive way of communicating. And yet, how informative are numbers cefetin 500mg pills $425.00, really? When I meet with career coaching clients I encourage them to quantify their achievements wherever possible.   Interviewers and employers like to [cefetin 500mg pills $425.00] be able to see gauge quickly the impact of their candidates in prior jobs.   Quantifying the budget or people managed, the number of widgets manufactured or drugs approved allows the hiring manager to compare the candidate to others. However, because I have been reading recently about how we can be manipulated with numbers, I wonder how useful this kind of information is to hiring managers and for candidates. Then there are all those other things that, while they could be counted, we are unlikely to track.   Yet these may be far more important marks of leadership than any quantitative measure:  How do we measure courage under fire or the ability to remain calm when others are panicking? What is the value of being the counselor and supporter that inspires the team?  How do you measure the ability to keep projects on track by providing lessons from experience? How do you measure the hugs and high-fives and celebrations that keep team members engaged? A metric that especially troubles me is age.   Many clients raise this as a barrier to advancement or as an issue  they have faced.   It is never clear whether this is a barrier they observe or they create. My guess is that more often than not it is the latter. What does chronological age mean in the workplace?  Neither youth nor seniority are necessary predictors of success, vitality or contribution.   Yet most of us have biases one way or the other, discounting young colleagues’ experience or doubting senior staff members’ abilities in the current fast paced environment. Cefetin 500mg pills $425.00 age is a number: a metric we use for convenience. It measures neither value not knowledge. Interestingly, cefetin 500mg pills $425.00 it often does not measure relevant experience. What is your reaction to this discussion? What age-related or other metric-related biases have you seen play out in the workplace? If you have ideas of how to limit the impact, please let me know.

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