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Much has been written on what it takes to be a leader.   Courses attempt to teach leadership skills and books and studies dissect the qualities of and criteria by which to evaluate leaders. I feel that great leadership is like perfection: you know it when you see it. Chloroquine 500mg pills $198.00   great leadership is courage and inspiration; humility and pride; decisiveness and consensus building.   Some of these qualities may seem contradictory.   It is their application at the right times that leadership emerges. Even so, leaders are not perfect.   Steve Jobs has been acknowledged for being a visionary and for his unwavering commitment to excellence.   As Walter Isaacson’s biography documents, he was at times, underhanded, prideful, egotistical and vindictive.   He did, however, take and idea far beyond people’s expectations and then transformed a company barely on life support into one of the most respected and admired companies in the world. The key is that [chloroquine 500mg pills $198.00] leadership is not limited to chloroquine 500mg pills $198.00 the C-suite.   Leaders are found and needed in all aspects of life. Leaders show courage under the most difficult circumstances, whether it is to express an unpopular opinion, to save innocent children threatened by a crazed gunman, or to stepping in to help in a natural disaster. Leaders inspire chloroquine 500mg pills $198.00, whether by their actions or their vision of the future.   They don’t require validation or acknowledgement.   They step in and help, guide or protect. Most important, they just do.  

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