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We made it through the holidays and the last minute sprint to complete projects, use up budgets and finish commitments. We’ve started the New Year with renewed vigor delighted to face a blank slate. Now that February is here, and with it, and the brutal cold and relentless snowstorms, our motivation begins to wane. A lot of news and even a Saturday Night Live sketch referenced data that most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the third week of January. What can we do to renew our commitment to those projects or changes we felt were vitally important a mere four weeks ago? How can we ensure our success despite all those distractions and temptations that take our focus away? Most workplaces try external rewards: perks cipralex 10mg pills $83.00, bonuses and salaries tied to performance. Extrinsic motivators, despite their long use, have serious downsides.   Dan Pink, in his book Drive, relates the experiments conducted by Dan Ariely and colleagues that found that extrinsic motivators were useful for routine work and failed miserably when creativity or resourcefulness were required (For Daniel Pink’s TED talk summarizing this work follow this ). Moreover, monetary incentives could actually reduce performance as the fear of losing the rewards negatively impacted the confidence of the subjects. Larger rewards had paradoxically greater negative impact. Another example of the sometimes toxic impact of extrinsic motivators is described in the recent NYTimes article written by ex-hedge fund derivatives trader Sam Polk, Polk tells that his obsession with the size of his bonus became all consuming and that his colleagues made decisions based on the impact on their salaries, regardless of the impact on others. There is considerable support for the idea that intrinsic motivation is far more effective than the use of extrinsic rewards. Richard Ryan, distinguished professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester, has studied the foundations of motivation in organizations big and small.   Through extensive research, Ryan and colleagues have identified three areas that impact intrinsic motivation: Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness. Cipralex 10mg pills $83.00 pink had identified the third area as meaning rather than relatedness but i would posit that these two are connected. Beyond the specific negative impact of extrinsic motivation per se, reward systems can create environments that undermine intrinsic motivation, such as pressure for specific outcomes or deadlines, controlling rewards and contingent punishments. Focusing on creating environments that foster intrinsic motivation can help us, and our staff, get out of the February doldrums. Even such small changes as creating our own strategies and goals can make a big difference.   Connecting with others for support and encouragement, likewise, creates a positive environment vs. cold or impersonal interactions or technological solutions. Challenges we set that are within areas of competence, or challenge capabilities without risk of undermining confidence can also [cipralex 10mg pills $83.00] be effective motivators. Think about the resolutions for change or the goals you or your team wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year.   How can you use these ideas to foster intrinsic motivation?  How will these goals help you become the person you want to be? If they are not aligned with your vision of your best self or help realize your team’s potential, consider whether the goals themselves are cipralex 10mg pills $83.00 extrinsically motivated. Goals that are aligned with intrinsic motivations can lead to deeper, more satisfying goals to which one wants to and will commit.  

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