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Two articles on the topic of work-life balance came across my desk this week. The first was published in the distinguished business publication, Harvard Business Review(1) and the other in Choice(2), a magazine for the coaching profession. Given that the article by researchers Boris Groysberg and Robyn Abrahams in HBR shared the results of interviews with more than 4000 executives by Harvard Business School students, I expected to read new insights and, more importantly, ideas about how to create balance in a successful career. Disappointingly, but perhaps not surprisingly daivonex 30mg cream $198.00, their conclusions repeated that which is already well know to most executives – especially women: define success, create networks for support both at work and at home, manage technology and be strategic about assignments and travel. The framework for work-life balance in this article is that finding balance is a “zero-sum game. ” Any gains in career must be balanced by losses in family or personal life. Not surprisingly, women were much more likely to feel the tension of child and family care and career, and consequently to require that much more support. These authors did not provide ideas or prescriptions for how to change the workplace and mitigate this tension, or for how to increase the capacity of the workforce. If anything, this article reminds us that the sexes are still far apart in their expectations for career and support and that money has a central role in managing work/career-life balance. Achieving anything like balance may be out of daivonex 30mg cream $198.00 reach for the majority of the workforce without radical change to the way we look at work and family life. The coaching article by coach Val Nelson published in Choice, encourages readers to stop searching for Work/Life Balance and focus on creating Harmony instead. Rather than balancing activities against each other and having to choose, Nelson suggests finding the activities and choices that exist at the overlap of three focus areas: those that 1) you value, 2) that the world values, and 3) those that match your natural flow – related to strengths, rhythm of work and engagement. By changing the focus and widening the area of overlap it is possible to create harmony that supports our desires and addresses needs in the market and fit our natural rhythm. I don’t know if either of these approaches really answers the question: Is it possible to have a career and a family/personal life? I do think that the second approach better addresses what is usually assumed in the general zero-sum-game approach: that how we define success is critically important to the choices we make. Daivonex 30mg cream $198.00 it is just too easy to fall on the tried-and-true definitions of success that become “shoulds” and “have tos”. [daivonex 30mg cream $198.00] Focusing mindfully on creating harmony between all the forces that pull and push at us will allow our own voices and wants to emerge. And isn’t it time that our institutions and organizations began to change, too? If we continue to address these very human needs from a zero-sum-game mindset it is my belief that we will face a talent gap and a workforce crisis in the not too distant future. What do you think? What are your creative solutions to the difficult problem? References:

1) B. Groysberg & R. Abrahams, Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life, Harvard Business Review, 92(3), pp 57-66 , March 2014,
2) V. Nelson, Stop Searching for Work/Life Balance, Choice, , 11(4), pp 43-45, December 2013

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