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After a long and hard winter here in the Northeast, it finally looks like spring.   With spring, beyond the usual clichés about renewal and rebirth, thoughts turn to… cleaning!  It’s that time of year when we turn over closets; remove the debris of winter, and clean refrigerators to make room for our spring feasts. While thinking about cleaning danazol 200mg pills $249.00, naturally, my mind turned to clutter. Danazol 200mg pills $249.00   not just the clutter of stuff but also [danazol 200mg pills $249.00] the clutter of long ago planned activities, half-written articles and missed appointments.   How many of us started the year with lots of ideas about what we would accomplish and what we were going to start during the first quarter?  It’s not just that things get in the way but that we end up adding new urgent and unimportant activities that get in the way of what we really want to do. Beyond refrigerators and flowerbeds, I think spring is a great time for de-cluttering our to-do list.   Why not identify those things we really want to do versus those we think we should do? To-do lists filled with all those actions that come from others or our own limiting beliefs can be demoralizing, de-energizing and generally frustrating. Are there items that have been hanging over your head for months now? What happened to that memo you wanted to write, or the article you were going to read? Do you have, like I do, a pile of trade magazines holding down danazol 200mg pills $249.00 a corner of your desk or coffee table?  It’s time to cull it and figure out what you really want, need, and are going to actually do. When you get through your list and “throw out” all the items that are clutteringit. Then let it sit for a day, and do it again.   You’d be amazed how much unnecessary “stuff” you still held on to.   And for what?  Usually the reason is some kind of fear: fear of missing out; fear of being or doing less than what is “expected”; fear of being or knowing less.   Let go of the fear and let go of the clutter and you will feel so much better and accomplish so much more. Start the spring right: do some meaningful cleaning and de-cluttering! Before you know it, vacation time will be here and the clutter will make it so much less enjoyable.

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