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What better topic for Halloween than things that scare us? Not necessarily those that “go bump in the night” but those that have a way of making us question our worth, our ability and our own selves. Interestingly, these fears are consistent across genders, ages and cultures. They take the form of fundamental questions that more often than not are answered by our subconscious, based on our experience over our lifetime. They may take the form of that nasty little voice in our ear that reminds us that we cannot possibly succeed at whatever we attempt. So what are some of these fundamental questions? Can I do it? Am I (BLANK) enough? Do they like/love me? What if I don’t make a difference? Quite frankly, all these questions are variations on a theme, best expressed by the question “Am I good enough?” Whether “good” represents being likeable, smart, strong, able or impactful, we judge and find ourselves wanting. As a result, of this undermining judgment we feel incapable or unworthy of love depakote 250mg pills $220.00, friendship, achievement or success. There are, of course, degrees of these fears and they may not show up as strongly as I have just laid it out. Nevertheless, they slowly and surely erode our confidence and our willingness to risk being hurt. We, thus, protect ourselves by not attempting. We defend our egos using justifications:  we really do not want whatever it is we are afraid to attempt. We remain mired in what isn’t vs. attempting what could be. How does one overcome such fears? If this were easy, everyone of course would. It has been said that courage is not fearlessness, but knowing our fear and facing it. Most of us are unable to actually name that which we fear the most. Depakote 250mg pills $220.00 at a recent conference i learned depakote 250mg pills $220.00 a process, presented by professor robert kegan of harvard university, to uncover such fears and commitments to self-protection. It was not an easy process; yet, because I worked with another coach, and used this structured method I was able to name my fear within the one hour duration of the session. This insight has been helpful as I look at opportunities and ideas that I had been loath to consider let alone attempt. As a result of this insight, I am planning several new program offerings, including a way to apply this new process. The first step in conquering our fear is to name it. In order to move forward, think through what is holding you back, and how it is keeping from what you want. How is your inaction because of this fear  protecting and serving you now? How would facing this fear allow you to increase you ability to reach your potential? If you want to work through the fears that [depakote 250mg pills $220.00] hold you back so you can confidently face and conquer them, a coach can help. This Halloween, as you hand out treats to the goblins and ghosts that come to your door, face your fears and don’t let them trick you.    

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