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March 20th, 2010  |  Published in General Thoughts

Generic viagra It seems like more and more we are craving the comfort of reconnecting with old friends.  It may be that Baby Boomers are arriving at that uncomfortable place in life where the rat race is nearly over and the great unknown is in front. Generic viagra Perhaps it’s envy of the hyper connected generations X and Y who spend much of their time hunched over computers or cell phones chatting with friends on Facebook.

Generic viagra Even as an older generation disparages the frenetic electronic communications that may lack depth, generic viagra it sees the ease with which the medium allows frequent contact with friends who may be geographically remote.

Generic viagra An even earlier generation is joining the electronic connection age.  My 80-year-old father and his sister chat over Skype.  His email box is constantly filled with messages sent by old friends and distant relatives.   These friends and relatives live thousands of miles away, generic viagra and the immediacy of electronic communications makes physical distance irrelevant.

Generic viagra Why is this important?  Baby Boomers changed the rules. Generic viagra We no longer live within a few miles of where we grew up.  The mobility of that generation enabled the next ones to look at the whole world as home. Generic viagra Globalization would not have happened without Boomers’ changing our ability to work and live anywhere in this country.

Generic viagra Baby Boomers have also made it a badge of honor to live in the Great Rat Race. Generic viagra Achieving, generic viagra acquiring and building. Generic viagra Always, generic viagra striving for the next larger home or the faster or sleeker car or newer electronics.  And now, generic viagra the economic bust of the last two-years has wreaked havoc with their expectations and striving.

Generic viagra If happiness is not found in material things that can be so easily taken away by market forces, generic viagra then it can perhaps be found in human connection.  For most of us, generic viagra meaning, generic viagra purpose and fulfillment come from our friendships and relationships.

Generic viagra Again, generic viagra why is this important?  Because in order to be the best we can be as leaders we must also be at our best as human beings.  Recognizing our need to connect and find meaning in relationships is a great first step to becoming more balanced.  Balance based on perfection is a myth that increases our anxiety and stress.  However, generic viagra we can balance our lives by acknowledging and acting on our need for human connection. Generic viagra Engagement as measured in Gallup’s Survey often hinges on the score against one statement:  “I have a best friend at work.”  Our engagement and confidence increases when we feel connected.

Generic viagra So, generic viagra find a way to connect with someone. Generic viagra Step out of the rat race for coffee with a friend just once a week. Generic viagra When you meet, generic viagra be present – don’t spend your time looking at your blackberry or worrying about the office you just left. Generic viagra Then try it twice a week, generic viagra or add coffee with a friend at work.

Generic viagra Reconnect with an old friend this week, generic viagra even if it is only electronically.  “Listen” and recognize how much each of you grown and yet how close you remain. Generic viagra The ability to connect to others in friendship restores our energy, generic viagra helps us achieve true balance and brings us joy, generic viagra

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