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Last fall my husband and I took a trip to visit a private island off Kauai.   We left early in the morning on a very windy day.   The captain warned us that we might not be able to complete our itinerary if the winds did not die down a little.   Still, we pushed on and enjoyed a terrific day of snorkeling and sight seeing. On the return trip, as we prepared for what would be a pretty rough crossing, we chatted with the captain.   We asked him about how he felt doing the same trip day after day. The question seemed to baffle him.   What's not to love about this job?  He shared that he used to be an executive in an office in California.   He decided to give up a lucrative job to become the captain of a sightseeing catamaran and doesn't fosamax 10mg pills $119.00 regret it for an instance. He loves his job and experiences flow – a state in which one is immersed in an experience that is rewarding in and of itself. Recently, while speaking with a friend at a local coffee shop,   she introduced me to her guitar teacher. When my friend introduced me as a career transformation coach he shared that he could about used my help a few years ago when he worked on Wall Street as an analyst. Here was someone, again, who gave up a lucrative career in the finance sector to do what he loves: teaching music to both children and adults and exploring and creating different styles of music.    He shared that, despite the financial rewards, he was bored and had no interest or ambition in that job. He realized, as he struggled to stay motivated, that being delighted by what they did gave his coworkers a great competitive advantage. They went to work excited about what the numbers would tell them, while he was uninterested. He quit and has not regretted it. Of course, finding that passion, that driving desire, is not always easy. Most of us discover ours fosamax 10mg pills $119.00, by trial and error or by being at the right place at the right time.   For many of us our passion is revealed when we least expect it. Fosamax 10mg pills $119.00   in my case, i became a coach because i realized that the moments of flow in my career were associated with helping others find their leadership voice and connecting them with their potential.   My greatest successes were associated with leading and facilitating teams and helping them reach beyond their expectations. Once I became a coach I struggled for a time to find my own groove.   The entrepreneurial world is new to me, having always worked in corporate settings. It all came together once I began working with people struggling with career transitions and transformations, much as I had done.   The insight that I was not a transition coach but a "career transformation" coach came when I least expected it and, certainly, when I was not actively seeking the definition. I now realize that everything I have done until now has led me to this true purpose,   to help others create the career and life that they truly desire. I call it "career happiness" and, it is essential to achieving one's potential. What is your true purpose? What is it about what you do that puts you on the road [fosamax 10mg pills $119.00] to "career happiness"? If you don't have an answer to these two questions, what are you doing about it?  What can I do to help?

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