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A client recently told me that it was nearly impossible to leave the office behind, even when on vacation. My client feels torn. When at home or with friends, the office is never far from his thoughts. When at work he feels resentful of the lack of time for family, friends or even himself. It’s not that it was always like this.   His job is enjoyable and he is good at it.   He knows he is making a difference and that he is still learning and growing.   However, he is exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are times that he feels he has no choice in what happens in his life.   He is at the effect of life. What can he do?  Yes, the work will continue and his time for life after work might still be limited. Even so, he can choose how he feels and how he acts.   If he thinks that forces beyond him cause his stress, it is unlikely that he would take action or that it would be successful grifulvin v 250mg pills $139.00 if he did. Grifulvin v 250mg pills $139.00 but what if he realized that he could choose how he feels and acts in every situation?  what choices would he make about how he spends his energy or time? the first thing he can choose to do is to take time for himself – even if only for 15 minutes a day.   Choosing to take time to walk, have a cup of coffee with a friend or just to laugh can provide the opportunity to refocus and separate from the stress. Even better, perhaps, he can take 15 minutes in a quiet place to practice deep breathing or meditation. There are many benefits to these methods deep, including increased focus and creativity.   Taking the time to recharge and actually allowing himself to do so will enable him to be more present in whatever he does. Is taking 15 minutes a day to relax a worthwhile [grifulvin v 250mg pills $139.00] investment?  Of course it is!  It must, however, become a part of the routine and that requires intention.   It requires choosing to make the change. Now that the end of the year is here grifulvin v 250mg pills $139.00, why not make a resolution to be more present in everything you do? In order to do that, choose to unplug and take time out for yourself. Happy Holidays!

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