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Imitrex 25mg pills $241.00 does your imitrex 25mg pills $241.00 work inspire you? if you are among the lucky few, yes, it [imitrex 25mg pills $241.00] does. More often, however, people just go through the motions counting the days until the end of the week (and our work at home!) Curing disease, improving health and wellbeing, expanding our scientific knowledge – inspirational objectives, right?  Yet even in pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D a corrosive malaise has set in. The joy of discovering and developing drugs has nearly gone out of the industry.   And no wonder, the industry is being compared to the Tobacco or Oil Industries, the popular image of Greed. As a reaction to the relentless pressures of finding that needle in the haystack, the expectations of “the Street” and the increasingly difficult regulatory environment mega mergers continue apace.   Their success appears to hinge on the ability to  squeeze “synergies”  (read  eliminate jobs imitrex 25mg pills $241.00, plants, labs) to recoup the cost of the leveraged buyouts.   The unfortunate result has been delays in discovery and development as well as the elimination of programs of smaller market size, regardless of medical need. Even so, thousands of chemists, biochemists, toxicologists and clinicians among others continue to enter the industry with the hope and the desire to make a difference.   Are there constructive ways in this environment to sustain their enthusiasm and excitement? Making sure the objectives are right and they are aligned with the values that bring them into the industry would go a long way.   Motivating and inspiring the scientists who make scientific miracles happen should be the number one priority of industry leaders. What do you think?

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