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February 9th, 2010  |  Published in General Thoughts, Reading Recommendations

Generic cialis in india When did we become a nation of non-listeners?  More and more our public discourse is about putting forth opinions that only speak to and are heard by those who already share them.

Generic cialis in india Unlike a formal debate where a question is presented and analyzed with opportunity for arguments and counterarguments, generic cialis in india debates in political settings are not about convincing or finding common ground, generic cialis in india but rather about posturing and venting.

Generic cialis in india

Generic cialis in india And what about decisions and discussions in our corporations?  Are we hearing only those opinions, generic cialis in india ideas and arguments that bolster our already made-up minds?  Can we look at issues and situations from completely different perspectives in order to develop a deeper understanding and reach better decisions? In our rush to judgment, generic cialis in india we may no fully hear what is being said. Generic cialis in india In Blunder, generic cialis in india Zachary Shore, generic cialis in india argues that our desire for certainty and our rush to judgment can often result in poor decisions.

Generic cialis in india I would argue that rather than debate and judging, generic cialis in india what we need to practice is dialogue.  Setting aside the literary uses of the word, generic cialis in india dialogue can be defined as “a conversation between two or more persons” and “an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue… with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement” (Dictionary.Com)

Generic cialis in india It is impossible to understand without listening. Generic cialis in india

Generic cialis in india As a scientist, generic cialis in india I was trained to listen to critique; to hear the fault in logic or data. Generic cialis in india I am always amazed at how difficult it is for my colleagues to listen to a whole presentation without interrupting.  So strong is the urge to critique, generic cialis in india find fault, generic cialis in india and judge. Generic cialis in india Moreover, generic cialis in india if there is no explanation for an observation, generic cialis in india we are likely to dismiss it.  As a result, generic cialis in india valuable insights and new ideas might never be heard, generic cialis in india voiced or created. Generic cialis in india The opportunity cost of poor listening may be enormous.

Generic cialis in india What about our relationships?  How often do we judge and listen without the intent of understanding or finding common ground.  What does our poor listening do to our ability to connect with others and to grow?  How much knowledge and wisdom are we missing because we are only hearing that with which we already agree?

Generic cialis in india And, generic cialis in india if as parents we are too hurried or hassled to listen fully and intently to our children, generic cialis in india how can we expect them to pay heed to what we say?  Alternatively, generic cialis in india we could set an example for them that enhances our relationships and nurtures their growth as individuals.

Generic cialis in india Are you ready to become a better listener? In my next blog, generic cialis in india I will share some ideas for improving listening skills.

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