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This blog has been a long time coming. It has been germinating since November and has already molted several times. What began as a note about feeling grateful – in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday and the avalanche of similar themes – went through a phase about how gratitude makes us resilient and back again to the same theme. I’m glad that the original blog did not get written to add just one more note to the seasonal gratitude symphony. Other essays and blogs echoed what I was feeling at that time. I am also glad that I did not write about resilience then. A personal pain was too close then to make my conclusions truly meaningful. The perspective and healing that come with time are even now not sufficient to adequately address the issue. It is a topic I will come back to in a few months. Among the many essays I read about gratitude one by Barbara Ehrenreich, the prolific author of among others, Nickel and Dimed, has remained in my consciousness. Ehrenreich wrote in the New York Times about how much advice about feeling [lopressor 100mg pills $182.00] grateful is selfishly about making ourselves feel better rather than about thanking others. Lopressor 100mg pills $182.00 advice about keeping gratitude journals and gratitude prayers and meditations lacks any human interaction. Ehrenreich’s focus lopressor 100mg pills $182.00, as always, is about what we do to show our gratitude, and solidarity, for those whose often-underpaid work enables us to enjoy our lifestyles. (Here is the link to her essay: ) I wondered how the self-involved gratitude practices that are, indeed, helpful in achieving a sense of peace and wellbeing, might help turn gratitude outward as well. I do not think it is an either/or situation. Learning to be grateful and not take our good fortune for granted may for some need to be a first step in turning outward. Marrying an “attitude of gratitude” with action to express this gratitude to others may be the ultimate weapon. What would happen if beyond just counting our blessings, we took action to share with others? A number of studies of the attitudes of the rich and powerful reveal that selfish behavior towards others in amplified when members of this class are together. What would lopressor 100mg pills $182.00 happen if we asked them to not just feel grateful in isolation but also take action to share their gratitude? The results could be a powerful force for positive social change. Shall we try? What is one thing you will do to demonstrate your gratitude this week?

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