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June 18th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Overnight canadian viagra About a week ago I received one of those calls. Overnight canadian viagra You know the kind, overnight canadian viagra they start with the usual niceties and then the bad news is shared.  “I’m so sorry to tell you…” One of the people who was most influential in my husband’s career passed away after a long illness. Overnight canadian viagra A few weeks before he and my husband had a chance to talk after many years.

Overnight canadian viagra For a number of reasons, overnight canadian viagra I have been thinking about legacy lately.  It was the topic of a meeting I facilitated recently and it was interesting to hear how differently each one thinks about this topic. Overnight canadian viagra Or, overnight canadian viagra in fact, overnight canadian viagra doesn’t think about it at all, overnight canadian viagra being more focused on the present and our own needs

Overnight canadian viagra Only a select few can invent or create something completely new.  Most of us, overnight canadian viagra however, overnight canadian viagra can improve on something and that can be our legacy. Overnight canadian viagra Guy Kawasaki, overnight canadian viagra Apple Corp.’s former chief evangelist, overnight canadian viagra talks about creating meaning by creating improving the quality of life, overnight canadian viagra righting a wrong or preventing the end of something good (see the video of his talk at Stanford by following this link). Overnight canadian viagra And all of us want to create meaning for our lives and in our work.

Overnight canadian viagra I remember thinking while I was building a group, overnight canadian viagra creating capabilities, overnight canadian viagra developing programs or designing policies that my legacy to the organization would be to leave a well-run and engaged group that continued to thrive after I left.  Not surprisingly, overnight canadian viagra the company reorganized and the group was broken up without my having any say about it. Overnight canadian viagra Though painful at the time, overnight canadian viagra my loss was much less since I had learned not to measure my legacy in the structure or working of the group.

Overnight canadian viagra Rather, overnight canadian viagra I have learned that my legacy is in the way I have been able to influence people, overnight canadian viagra whether it was to help develop and grow their careers or by helping individuals find their own voice and to bring their whole selves to work.  I am proud to have created lasting relationships that are based on mutual respect and caring.  I am delighted to hear that the people I mentored have, overnight canadian viagra likewise, overnight canadian viagra gone on to help others in their careers and to build similar relationships with their peers and subordinates.

Overnight canadian viagra My husband attended his mentor’s memorial service, overnight canadian viagra and was gratified to hear that his old teacher’s children recognized his name.  A gifted manager and teacher, overnight canadian viagra his mentor had created wonderful relationships everywhere he was involved, overnight canadian viagra his medical school where he also taught, overnight canadian viagra the pharmaceutical company where he led an important group, overnight canadian viagra and his community.  What a wonderful legacy!

Overnight canadian viagra What is your legacy?   For what would you want to be remembered?

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