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On a recent conversation with one of my clients mestinon 60mg pills $155.00, we discussed what she should ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.   As we worked through potential questions I asked her to put herself in the place of the interviewer.   Thinking about the interview from the other side of the desk can be illuminating. In my last blog, I discussed how part of the candidate’s role in an interview is to put the interviewer at ease.   mestinon 60mg pills $155.00 By doing so, it is possible to create a powerful connection that can result in a more open and meaningful discussion. Likewise, it is the aim of the candidate’s closing questions to move the action forward toward the next phase of the recruitment process. [mestinon 60mg pills $155.00]   In some cases, that may mean getting information that will help a candidate (and employer) understand potential fit, or creating a shared understanding of the company’s needs and next steps in the process. Candidates think the question: “Do you have any questions of me?” presents an opportunity to show-off one’s research in the company or require them to demonstrate in-depth understanding of the industry or products. Rather than support one’s candidacy these types of questions can be irritating to the interviewer who may not feel like disclosing such information or may feel he is being “tested” by the candidate.   Unless a candidate is already in a similar role it is unlikely an employer would expect detailed knowledge of the industry or products. Similarly, asking anything that would translate to “Do I get the job?” is not going to get a straight answer. Resist asking whether the interviewer thinks you are a good fit for the job. The interviewer would not likely say if the fit is poor, and is unlikely to say you are a shoe-in before discussing with colleagues. Bottom line, never ask close-ended or YES/NO questions. Open-ended questions get the interviewer to share. To create meaningful questions, consider what the interviewer would like to see in a candidate.   The interviewer may want to see that the candidate is interested in the job and wants to understand how her skills, experience and other qualities will help her succeed.   The questions would then be related to how she might relate to others or how apply her experience to the job.   Useful questions would be about the initial challenges, what a typical day might look like, or who primary contacts would be. A key to these open-ended questions is that they begin with the words: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. Mestinon 60mg pills $155.00   knowing how to ask questions like these will be helpful well beyond the interview. Asking these types of questions will be even more helpful on the job. What questions would you like to ask at the end of an interview?  

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