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Best Price For Generic Cialis

June 16th, 2016  |  Published in General Thoughts

Best price for generic cialis For months I had seen her typing away at her laptop, best price for generic cialis sitting in a corner of my favorite coffee shop. Best price for generic cialis The shop’s owner shared that this customer was writing a book, best price for generic cialis and marveled about her ability to shut out the noise of other customers, best price for generic cialis little kids running around and the noise of the espresso machine. Best price for generic cialis I was curious about her and her project, best price for generic cialis but respected her privacy and need for focus.

Best price for generic cialis Just a couple of days ago we happened to stand next to each other in line and I took the opportunity to ask about her project. Best price for generic cialis She shared that that day was the deadline for submission, best price for generic cialis and a little about the topic. Best price for generic cialis I am intrigued by her take on this topic, best price for generic cialis which is near, best price for generic cialis and dear to my heart.

Best price for generic cialis I was glad I asked the question. Best price for generic cialis After our brief meeting, best price for generic cialis it occurred to me that this author could be a speaker for an event I am organizing, best price for generic cialis that might potentially coincide with the launch of her book. Best price for generic cialis This morning I approached her with this idea and she welcomed it. Best price for generic cialis We will be making plans soon for a talk and book discussion at my event. Best price for generic cialis All this from asking a small question about something that piqued my curiosity. Best price for generic cialis Serendipity!

Best price for generic cialis The old adage says, best price for generic cialis “Curiosity killed the cat.” I don’t agree. Best price for generic cialis How often do we keep our curiosity locked away by our fear of meeting strangers? Where people are concerned, best price for generic cialis curiosity about others can create opportunities, best price for generic cialis ideas, best price for generic cialis relationships and new areas for exploration.

Best price for generic cialis Where networking is concerned, best price for generic cialis curiosity is critical. Best price for generic cialis Of course, best price for generic cialis it is important to prepare an “elevator speech”, best price for generic cialis but initiating any conversation by sharing it is a sure way of ending it. Best price for generic cialis Rather, best price for generic cialis it’s so much better to engage our curiosity and ask about others: what do they like, best price for generic cialis do, best price for generic cialis think, best price for generic cialis etc. Best price for generic cialis Asking interesting, best price for generic cialis open-ended questions is more likely to result in someone returning the favor, best price for generic cialis and then real dialogue can break out. Best price for generic cialis You will be making connections and, best price for generic cialis more than likely, best price for generic cialis be asked to share your own story. Best price for generic cialis Importantly, best price for generic cialis you have a chance to create a relationship.

Best price for generic cialis And you never know to what brilliant ideas and opportunities that could lead. Best price for generic cialis Serendipity!

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Cheap Viagra

May 2nd, 2016  |  Published in General Thoughts

Cheap viagra Over the last couple of days I spent much of my time putting my kitchen back together after the holiday of Passover. Cheap viagra There is much drudgery about this holiday, cheap viagra cleaning, cheap viagra scrubbing, cheap viagra throwing away open containers and items that might have fermented. Cheap viagra It is exhausting!

Cheap viagra Even so, cheap viagra I look forward to this holiday every year and, cheap viagra surprisingly, cheap viagra it’s because of the cleaning. Cheap viagra Once a year I turn everything upside down. Cheap viagra I shake crumbs out from where they go to hide despite normal cleaning efforts, cheap viagra and I find items I had thought lost. Cheap viagra Every year I take the opportunity to get rid of things and let go of stuff that is anchoring me. Cheap viagra .

Cheap viagra As I bring out my Passover things, cheap viagra I usually recreate my kitchen, cheap viagra though without the encumbrance of toasters and breadboxes. Cheap viagra This year I instituted a new twist with somewhat unexpected results. Cheap viagra I decided to change things around. Cheap viagra A small change, cheap viagra but the effect was startling.

Cheap viagra I changed where I placed items like the coffee maker and the dish rack. Cheap viagra Putting these otherwise trivial items in different spots had the effect that I (and others) noticed what we otherwise took for granted. Cheap viagra It was a small thing, cheap viagra yet I found myself noticing and appreciating the change.

Cheap viagra As I put my kitchen back together, cheap viagra I followed up on the idea, cheap viagra changing the arrangement of small appliances, cheap viagra dishes, cheap viagra pots and pans. Cheap viagra I even took some things away creating additional space, cheap viagra and noticed the impact that less clutter had on my senses. Cheap viagra All in all, cheap viagra this was an interesting approach to mindfulness.

Cheap viagra Now I’m not suggesting turning your kitchen upside down and moving things around just for the experience. Cheap viagra I do wonder what and whom we take for granted because they are always there. Cheap viagra Do we take for granted those people who are always available to us?

Cheap viagra What would changing the way we connect with them do for our relationships?

Cheap viagra Here are some ideas:

  • Phone someone you usually contact via email or text
  • Make a date for coffee with someone you don’t see frequently
  • Do something unexpected with that person you usually find draining
  • Change your routine when you exercise: for example, cheap viagra do your run or bike ride in the opposite direction

Cheap viagra See what else you notice. Cheap viagra Be mindful of the change and you can create the same awareness without the drudgery of cleaning.

Cheap viagra  

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January 15th, 2016  |  Published in General Thoughts, Reading Recommendations

Veega This blog has been a long time coming. Veega It has been germinating since November and has already molted several times. Veega What began as a note about feeling grateful – in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday and the avalanche of similar themes – went through a phase about how gratitude makes us resilient and back again to the same theme.

Veega I’m glad that the original blog did not get written to add just one more note to the seasonal gratitude symphony. Veega Other essays and blogs echoed what I was feeling at that time.

Veega I am also glad that I did not write about resilience then. Veega A personal pain was too close then to make my conclusions truly meaningful. Veega The perspective and healing that come with time are even now not sufficient to adequately address the issue. Veega It is a topic I will come back to in a few months.

Veega Among the many essays I read about gratitude one by Barbara Ehrenreich, veega the prolific author of among others, veega Nickel and Dimed, veega has remained in my consciousness. Veega Ehrenreich wrote in the New York Times about how much advice about feeling grateful is selfishly about making ourselves feel better rather than about thanking others. Veega Advice about keeping gratitude journals and gratitude prayers and meditations lacks any human interaction. Veega Ehrenreich’s focus, veega as always, veega is about what we do to show our gratitude, veega and solidarity, veega for those whose often-underpaid work enables us to enjoy our lifestyles. Veega (Here is the link to her essay: The Selfish Side of Gratitude, veega NYT 12/31/2015)

Veega I wondered how the self-involved gratitude practices that are, veega indeed, veega helpful in achieving a sense of peace and wellbeing, veega might help turn gratitude outward as well. Veega I do not think it is an either/or situation. Veega Learning to be grateful and not take our good fortune for granted may for some need to be a first step in turning outward. Veega Marrying an “attitude of gratitude” with action to express this gratitude to others may be the ultimate weapon. Veega What would happen if beyond just counting our blessings, veega we took action to share with others?

Veega A number of studies of the attitudes of the rich and powerful reveal that selfish behavior towards others in amplified when members of this class are together. Veega What would happen if we asked them to not just feel grateful in isolation but also take action to share their gratitude?

Veega The results could be a powerful force for positive social change.

Veega Shall we try? What is one thing you will do to demonstrate your gratitude this week?

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Canadian Viagra

October 12th, 2015  |  Published in General Thoughts, Reading Recommendations

Canadian viagra At a recent workshop on Mentoring, canadian viagra I stressed to the audience composed of mentors and mentees that one of the key roles for mentors was to be role models. Canadian viagra I can imagine that this landed on some of the mentors like a lead balloon. Canadian viagra No, canadian viagra they could never be “off”; they must always be modeling the behaviors and leadership styles that the company encourages.

Canadian viagra How much of a burden is this responsibility? It can be a big burden if one is projecting a different persona when at work. Canadian viagra Putting on a mask in order to impress or to fulfill someone else’s idea of what a manager or a leader is can be exhausting and difficult.

Canadian viagra Why do we do this to ourselves? What is it about our images of those in leadership that cause us to masquerade as two-dimensional paper cutouts of who we think we should be: Authoritarian know-it-alls who speak more than they listen and never fail to aggrandize their own selves.

Canadian viagra When I shared the idea that one must be a role model, canadian viagra I was actually thinking about how, canadian viagra as a leader, canadian viagra one must be authentic.

Canadian viagra So what do I mean by authentic in order to be a role model? An authentic leader is aware of his abilities and the impact he has on others. Canadian viagra She is able to listen carefully and empathically and make decisions when necessary. Canadian viagra A true leader knows that what he does will be seen and emulated by others and, canadian viagra therefore, canadian viagra acts and speaks with integrity. Canadian viagra A true leader is not afraid to express vulnerability.

Canadian viagra I recently read The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, canadian viagra by Don Miguel Ruiz. Canadian viagra In this book, canadian viagra the author asks us to follow four dicta in order to be ourselves – free of the strictures that come from needing to fit in or imitate others.

Canadian viagra These are:

  • Be impeccable with your word – say what you mean and be aware of the impact of your words
  • Don’t take anything personally – not to be attached to judgments, canadian viagra wins, canadian viagra losses or others’ views
  • Don’t make assumptions – so much of our relationships are based on what we assume about ourselves and others rather than based on the truth
  • Always do your best – with everything, canadian viagra and even as you try to fulfill the three earlier agreements, canadian viagra strive to do your best

Canadian viagra I think these apply so well in this situation. Canadian viagra In order to be the best role models we can be, canadian viagra we need to do our best to be our authentic selves.

Canadian viagra Who are your role models and how do they fulfill these four agreements?

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Who Should Not Take Viagra

July 23rd, 2015  |  Published in General Thoughts

  • Are you finding yourself daydreaming at your desk?
  • Are you unable to complete even the simplest tasks because thoughts of walks in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean get in your way?
  • Are you planning your next round of golf even as you prepare for your next meeting?
  • Are you avoiding those people who have asked you to do something or whom you know will help you with your goals for the fall?

Who should not take viagra If your answer is “YES” to any of these or similar questions, who should not take viagra you are not alone.

Who should not take viagra It is the season for disengagement, who should not take viagra for being mentally AWOL even if physically present. Who should not take viagra You may call it “summeritis” or the summer doldrums. Who should not take viagra Whatever we call it, who should not take viagra our disengagement at this time of year can cost dearly after Labor Day.

Who should not take viagra It’s not that I begrudge us summer time off, who should not take viagra of course. Who should not take viagra The issue is not with time off but with the way we approach it. Who should not take viagra During our time off we think about the things we have to do and during our time at work we can’t help but be distracted by those things we would rather be doing at this time of year.

Who should not take viagra I have been wondering if this may be because we are so stingy about real vacation time. Who should not take viagra Not only are Americans offered less vacation time than Europeans, who should not take viagra for example, who should not take viagra but also those of us who have it frequently don’t use it! The consequence is a near constant longing for time off during work hours. Who should not take viagra Further, who should not take viagra the discomfort with taking time off prevents us from being present when we are supposed to be relaxing or enjoying our families.

Who should not take viagra A potential cure: Be in the moment. Ask yourself at regular intervals whether you are truly “present” and engaged. Who should not take viagra If the answer is “no”, who should not take viagra find a way to re-engage in the task or the present moment. Who should not take viagra Find the fun or the interest in whatever is happening at the time.

Who should not take viagra I have also noticed that a number of my clients are also AWOL, who should not take viagra not calling or setting up the appointments that they tell me they want to make progress on their goals. Who should not take viagra I wonder if this is a different form of “summeritis”, who should not take viagra one that makes them put their own needs at the bottom of the priority list.

Who should not take viagra My wish for you, who should not take viagra my reader and/or client, who should not take viagra is that you are able to truly take time off to rejuvenate, who should not take viagra refresh, who should not take viagra and restore your strength, who should not take viagra and that you are able to reengage with great gusto when the weather cools off.

Who should not take viagra See you in September!

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Best Viagra

May 5th, 2015  |  Published in General Thoughts

Best viagra Our Connected Disconnection and Its Consequences

Best viagra There I was, best viagra relaxing in the whirlpool after an intense workout when I looked up and saw two twenty-somethings sitting with their legs in the water and their heads bowed over the smart phones. Best viagra They were not relaxing; not noticing the warm water swirling around their legs. Best viagra They were intently focused on texting or their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Best viagra They were not even communicating with each other – unless it was through their phones.

Best viagra I moved on to the sauna, best viagra planning to do a meditation for as long as I could sustain it because of the heat. Best viagra When I walked in I was surprised to see a woman who was also bent over her phone – diligently typing away in the stifling heat. Best viagra She was about my age, best viagra so the generational stereotype did not apply. Best viagra I relaxed anyway and enjoyed the warmth.

Best viagra As I went about my day I noticed more and more people in the same pose – arms up, best viagra heads down, best viagra typing away at their devices. Best viagra It seemed like conversation had ceased, best viagra unless it was through text messages.

Best viagra Now, best viagra I’m not a Luddite. Best viagra I love my technology and am often an early adopter. Best viagra This blog is being typed on an iPAD and I will send it to my computer over wifi, best viagra etc., best viagra etc. Best viagra What I’m wondering about is how much our addiction to our devices is changing not just our conversations but us. Best viagra I find myself reaching for the phone when I first awake, best viagra and it is often the last thing I handle before I go to sleep. Best viagra Professor Amy Cuddy, best viagra whose highly popular TED talk on how body language affects our physiology and psychology, best viagra has postulated that frequent hunching over our devices in what is essentially a “low-power pose” may be encouraging a generation of less confident, best viagra timid people.

Best viagra So, best viagra if our thinking is affected by our posture, best viagra and we spend more and more of our time in these low-power poses, best viagra could our language of conversation also change? Could increased timidity and self-doubt be increasing in how we speak to each other? Perhaps this is what makes it easier to communicate via text and email than through our voices. Best viagra Perhaps these devices shield and protect our fragile selves as well.

Best viagra I’m not joining the chorus that says we are not connecting with each other because we are so easily able to share information over electronic means. Best viagra There is scientific evidence that most of communication is not through our words, best viagra but through our tone, best viagra facial expressions and body language. Best viagra When we eliminate these and add the potential downshifting of our confidence, best viagra who knows what may actually be communicated?

Best viagra It is so hard to leave our devices to the side. Best viagra We have become addicted to the immediate awareness of information and, best viagra frankly, best viagra the sensory overload that comes with being bombarded by news and information 24/7.

Best viagra I’m experimenting on myself, best viagra taking several breaks during the day when the devices are silenced and when I take time to be present and aware of my surroundings or truly be with other people. Best viagra The whirlpool and sauna are far more enjoyable when I don’t think about what information or calls I may be missing, best viagra or what tasks remain on my daily to-do list. Best viagra It does not take much, best viagra twenty minutes at a time. Best viagra I’m already feeling a lot more relaxed and confident during the rest of my day as a result.

Best viagra What break can you take to allow yourself to be present and grow?

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Buy Discount Viagra

February 24th, 2015  |  Published in General Thoughts

Buy discount viagra Recently I reread parts of Carol Dweck’s inspiring book Mindset. It was in part to gather information for a workshop I am researching (more about this in a future note).  It is not often that you find a book that links together ideas found in other books dealing with completely different topics.

Buy discount viagra Again and again I find that I return to the idea of two different mindsets, buy discount viagra a learning mindset and a growth mindset, buy discount viagra to understand what my clients are experiencing and to begin to shift them in order to accomplish their goals.

Buy discount viagra People with a fixed mindset approach puzzles differently than those with a learning mindset.  This is well illustrated in Dweck’s book with four-year-olds.  Have you ever played “Words With Friends”? This amazingly addictive interactive game (just ask Alec Baldwin) is one of the ways that I stay in contact with two good friends, buy discount viagra let’s call them Miriam and Clarice. Buy discount viagra They are both fabulous at the game and beat me regularly.  With a more fixed mindset I might have given up after the first or second drubbing.  However, buy discount viagra I knew that I could improve and now have started beating Miriam and giving Clarice a real game.  I knew it was just a matter of practice. Buy discount viagra Rather than laugh at my inadequacy both friends praised my effort and this also helped.

Buy discount viagra A trivial example, buy discount viagra perhaps, buy discount viagra yet I find that it illustrates how so many with a fixed mindset approach work and life challenges.  If we only look for praise or validation – as people with a fixed mindset do – we are more likely to stay in the safety of our comfort zone, buy discount viagra and not venture out to new fields, buy discount viagra new relationships, buy discount viagra or new opportunities. Buy discount viagra If we are willing to learn when we come up short rather than defend our egos and self-image, buy discount viagra we are more likely to break new ground, buy discount viagra create additional opportunities and begin new ventures.

Buy discount viagra Now, buy discount viagra did I always have a learning mindset? Not by a long shot. Buy discount viagra I remember being completely hooked on praise, buy discount viagra in particular about my voice. Buy discount viagra When the choir teacher at my new school said I was not the best soprano in the chorus, buy discount viagra I quit and I never went back. Buy discount viagra It was years before I sang again – something I missed terribly. Buy discount viagra I faulted the teacher, buy discount viagra my parents for moving me from my safe school and never recognized that I could improve and learn to sing even better.

Buy discount viagra In college I learned that I needed to change my mindset during my first year – after getting mediocre grades in a number of classes. Buy discount viagra This was a stunning result for me and it jolted me into a change that has served me well ever since.

Buy discount viagra What is your mindset? How is it serving you? If you are hooked on praise and respond defensively to criticism you may tend to the fixed mindset.

Buy discount viagra And you can change that at any age.

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Viagra Problems

January 18th, 2015  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra problems Have you ever had a “driveway moment?” As a frequent NPR listener, viagra problems especially while driving, viagra problems I have more than once stayed stuck in my car, viagra problems listening to a story even after arriving at my destination.  When the story is compelling, viagra problems it is hard to walk away, viagra problems even if on a deadline.

Viagra problems Recently, viagra problems I caught a story that had this effect.  It was the weekend, viagra problems and consequently it was a little harder to find the story online.  Still, viagra problems the subject of the story was so inspiring that I had to find it.

Viagra problems The story was a profile of a painter, viagra problems a muralist, viagra problems who combined realistic representations of his early training with the expressionist styles that dominated the second half of the 20th century.  He painted for the WPA and in the latrines when in the service – because they were the only places where the lights remained on at night.

Viagra problems The artist, viagra problems Eric Bransby, viagra problems is now 98 years old and still painting, viagra problems creating and learning.  This is what was most compelling about this story. Viagra problems How many of us reach a “certain age” and assume that we are complete, viagra problems fully formed and without needing to continue learning?

Viagra problems I am fortunate to have learners like this in my family, viagra problems a father who learned a new language and also researched, viagra problems wrote and published a book in his late 70s; an aunt who took up acting in her early 80s; a mother-in-law who has continued to learn new sewing and knitting techniques in her 80s.  My husband is finally fulfilling a dream to learning more about photography and astronomy.

Viagra problems What we gain goes beyond knowledge and insights.  We remain vibrant, viagra problems engaged with the world and growing. Viagra problems Eric Bransby takes on new projects with the idea that each new project is an adventure that can help him develop or expand his skills. Viagra problems At this stage in his life, viagra problems he could just rest on everything he has learned over a long career. Viagra problems Instead, viagra problems at 98, viagra problems he chooses to continue growing.

Viagra problems In what way are you continuing to grow? How do you choose each new challenge?

Viagra problems (And here is a link to the NPR story:

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Viagra Female U K

October 29th, 2014  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra female u k Now that the regular baseball season is over and even the World Series is nearly won, viagra female u k the emotion and the hoopla surrounding Derek Jeter’s retirement has died down. Viagra female u k It is now possible to reflect more objectively on what is by all accounts a storied career. Viagra female u k The commercials with his image are still running because of his enduring achievements. Viagra female u k Even they will become less frequent by this weekend when the whole 2014 season is a memory.

Viagra female u k As a baseball and, viagra female u k importantly, viagra female u k a Yankee fan I know I am biased. Viagra female u k Not everyone would agree with these conclusions, viagra female u k yet I hope that this will provide some food for thought or at least further discussion.

Viagra female u k When I started compiling this list I thought it would be limited to maybe six items. Viagra female u k As I wrote the list grew. Viagra female u k There’s something even in that!

Viagra female u k Dream big – so many of us think our dreams are beyond us. Viagra female u k The very young Derek Jeter went to ball games and watched them on TV with his family and dreamed of seeing himself as the shortstop on the field. Viagra female u k The dream fueled his imagination and his goals.

Viagra female u k Set goals – It’s been said that if you don’t know where you’re going, viagra female u k any road will get you there. Viagra female u k Knowing where you want to go and what you want to do is important. Viagra female u k Very few are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time and have our dreams handed to us. Viagra female u k It takes knowing what you want to do and doing the work to get there. Viagra female u k Every year, viagra female u k he set a goal to win a championship and inspired his teammates to work hard alongside him.

Viagra female u k Work hard – It takes energy and hard work to excel. Viagra female u k It takes at least 10, viagra female u k000 hours of practice to excel at anything, viagra female u k whether it is playing a sport, viagra female u k the piano or computer programming.

Viagra female u k Choose exemplary role models and mentors – Jeter had great mentors in his career, viagra female u k from his parents to his high school and professional coaches. Viagra female u k Learn what you can learn from them and do so eagerly. Viagra female u k Choose models that reflect who you aspire to become.

Viagra female u k Return the favor, viagra female u k mentor others – Perhaps it is the memory of his first few weeks in the minor leagues, viagra female u k missing home and feeling lonely, viagra female u k perhaps it is recognizing what others did for him that impelled him to be a mentor to others. Viagra female u k This was evident, viagra female u k especially when he played on the US team for the World Baseball Classic where he had a reputation for helping others, viagra female u k even those he would face as competitors.

Viagra female u k Be a part of the team – As captain of the Yankees, viagra female u k Derek Jeter had a responsibility to the team. Viagra female u k Whatever he did on the field was because it was important to the team, viagra female u k and his teammates. Viagra female u k He did not chase individual milestones for his own sake. Viagra female u k They came, viagra female u k of course, viagra female u k in the service of being the best member of the team that he could be.

Viagra female u k Express gratitude – throughout his career Derek Jeter expressed gratitude to his parents, viagra female u k his family and friends on the team, viagra female u k and his coaches. Viagra female u k This emotion is as beneficial for the giver as for the receiver, viagra female u k and what a great way to enhance relationships and wellbeing. Viagra female u k His thank you to his fans was emblematic of his attitude.

Viagra female u k Respect others and yourself – We never heard him blame a teammate for a missed play; we never heard him speak ill of others who were being reviled for their misdeeds. Viagra female u k He stayed out of those conversations and, viagra female u k respecting himself, viagra female u k avoided becoming the story.

Viagra female u k Know when it is time to leave and do it gracefully – There is probably no need to elaborate here. Viagra female u k Despite all the celebrations, viagra female u k his grace was in trying to remain focused on his job and the game.

Viagra female u k For your enjoyment, viagra female u k here is a video of his 3457th hit on September 20.

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Sildenafil Citrate Omnigen

August 4th, 2014  |  Published in General Thoughts

Sildenafil citrate omnigen How many times have you heard (and ignored) this announcement by your friendly flight attendant?  It has always seemed to me that the recommendation promoted a certain level of selfishness that bothered me somewhat. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Wouldn’t you want to help others, sildenafil citrate omnigen especially loved ones who may be less able to help themselves?  Our nature is to both protect our own welfare and to help our loved ones.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Logically, sildenafil citrate omnigen it makes great sense that someone who is losing breath may not be able to muster the energy and mental acuity to help someone else. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Yet at a core level the statement appeared to go against what I thought might be my instincts.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen The phrase has been on my mind for weeks. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Even so, sildenafil citrate omnigen I have procrastinated so long that I realize now it was because of my discomfort with the phrase, sildenafil citrate omnigen and, sildenafil citrate omnigen more importantly, sildenafil citrate omnigen my inability to heed it.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen For some time I have found myself burning the candle at both ends while trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life, sildenafil citrate omnigen work, sildenafil citrate omnigen and caring for the needs for aging family members. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Though I thought I was managing reasonably well, sildenafil citrate omnigen my exhaustion at the end of the day told a different story. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Gone were the exercise sessions and meals at regular times. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Visits and activities with friends were few and shorter than initially planned. Sildenafil citrate omnigen My “mask” was definitely not on securely.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen When originally thinking about the topic, sildenafil citrate omnigen I was thinking about our role as leaders.  The same need for self-care comes up when there are deadlines at work, sildenafil citrate omnigen important projects to manage or difficult situations to resolve.  We may put so much effort and energy into them that we end up depleting ourselves and may be unable to complete the objectives to our or anyone else’s satisfaction. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Learning what it takes to keep us whole is essential to enable our success in all areas of life.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Similarly, sildenafil citrate omnigen learning how deeply to engage in others’ work or issues, sildenafil citrate omnigen and what we need to do ourselves is critically important.  Perhaps the people who feel (and I would add cause) such stress are often micromanagers and perfectionists who feel they must have input on or approve all output and decisions.  Their need for control of work leads them to give up whatever energy or time may be available for self-care. Sildenafil citrate omnigen  At the root, sildenafil citrate omnigen I believe, sildenafil citrate omnigen is a need to feel needed and purposeful that is expressed through a desire for control.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Our 24/7 workplace and digital universe compounds the situation. Sildenafil citrate omnigen It is nearly impossible to leave work behind at the office, sildenafil citrate omnigen if it even exists as a separate entity.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen At times of stress, sildenafil citrate omnigen my own savior is exercise. Sildenafil citrate omnigen I am not, sildenafil citrate omnigen by any stretch of the imagination, sildenafil citrate omnigen an athlete.  However, sildenafil citrate omnigen working out for a short while every other day or so helps me de-stress and, sildenafil citrate omnigen even more importantly, sildenafil citrate omnigen influences other parts of my life that also promote well being.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen I am learning the wisdom in the title phrase; it is impossible to do well by others if we do not take care of ourselves. Sildenafil citrate omnigen What is the “mask” that you must put on securely before helping others?

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Please share your thoughts with me and other readers in the comments.

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