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October 8th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Cialis canada In this continuing series on the five essential skills for interview success, cialis canada we have seen how demonstrating confidence and superb listening can go a long way for interview success. Cialis canada The third and fourth skills, cialis canada “Making a Powerful Connection” and “Asking Questions that Get Meaningful Answers” are very much related. Cialis canada In this blog, cialis canada I will focus on the third skill and start to introduce the type of questions to ask at interviews.

Cialis canada One of the things that I often emphasize with my clients is that one of their main jobs during the interview is to make the interviewer comfortable. Cialis canada It sounds counter-intuitive. Cialis canada After all, cialis canada the interviewer has the power to make hiring recommendations or decisions. Cialis canada Perhaps because of this, cialis canada and because there is wide variation in the skills of interviewers, cialis canada it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the interview is a conversation rather than an interrogation.

Cialis canada Bottom line, cialis canada what this is about is about having empathy for the interviewer. Cialis canada Much as you would hope the interviewer would understand your situation, cialis canada having empathy for what they are going through or what they might experience is a way of creating a connection that will lead to a better discussion, cialis canada and the opportunity to showcase your skills and capabilities.

Cialis canada In order to shift the energy of the interview to one of mutual sharing of information, cialis canada the candidate must show interest in the position and the company. Cialis canada Feigning interest or being disingenuous, cialis canada however, cialis canada is counterproductive. Cialis canada Being authentic is particularly important here. Cialis canada It is not possible to fake true empathy; most people are quick to see through it and then mistrust most anything that is said.

Cialis canada As you prepare for an interview, cialis canada think about the questions that would interest you if you were in the hiring manager’s position. Cialis canada Think about asking questions that would give you a real sense of what working with the manager might be like and what issues might arise. Cialis canada What would you want to know? How would circumstances or trends impact your ability to do your job well? Also, cialis canada how would these same trends impact your ability to do a good job?

Cialis canada Next time you are being interviewed, cialis canada remember you may not be the most nervous person in the room. Cialis canada Think about putting the interviewer at ease even as she does the same for you.

Cialis canada  

Cialis canada  

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Viagra Gay

September 15th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra gay In my last blog I shared the first of five essential skills for acing the interview: Showing Confidence, viagra gay  In thinking about this second blog on listening, viagra gay I was suddenly struck with the realization that mastery of these five skills is essential not just for interviews for most situations.  How valuable is showing confidence when teaching, viagra gay speaking in public or meeting a stranger?

Viagra gay The same applies to listening.  When we listen deeply and respectfully, viagra gay without judging we can learn, viagra gay understand the speaker and gain new insights.  Interestingly enough, viagra gay it is not just the listener that benefits.  When we truly listen we liberate the speaker to think powerfully and creatively.  When we eliminate the fear of interruption, viagra gay it gives freedom to their imagination.

Viagra gay Not so long ago I was not a good listener.  I interrupted to share my own experience.  I thought about what I would say when the other person paused even just for a breath.  I compared their story to mine and judged which was “better”, viagra gay and then one-upped them.

Viagra gay What made me change? A wonderful teacher and coach, viagra gay Nancy Kline, viagra gay introduced me to her method for unleashing creativity in a workshop on creating an environment that promoted thinking, viagra gay and later through her book Time to Think.  Nancy teaches that listening must be mutual and when it follows a set of agreed rules, viagra gay including no interruptions, viagra gay following the other’s gaze, viagra gay non-judging and then asking incisive questions. Viagra gay I found when I listen and am listened to in this way, viagra gay clarity and creative solutions flow freely.

Viagra gay So, viagra gay back to interviews.  What aspects of this powerful way of listening are applicable to interviews?  Actually, viagra gay all of them.  As the candidate, viagra gay you will want to listen for understanding.  Being certain of what is being asked is key to providing a satisfactory answer. Viagra gay Of course, viagra gay you will want to think through what your answer will be and it’s OK to take a moment, viagra gay perhaps by simply saying, viagra gay “that’s and interesting question” to formulate your answer from the arsenal of STAR stories you’ve practiced (See earlier blog on PASS).  You can also paraphrase the question at the end if you have any doubt of its meaning, viagra gay though I would suggest you use this sparingly.

Viagra gay Hold the interviewer’s gaze as she asks the question.  Not only will this show confidence, viagra gay it will also help her formulate her question in the clearest way possible.  Do the same when you answer, viagra gay of course.

Viagra gay Whatever you do, viagra gay DON’T INTERRUPT! You may be excited to answer a question or think you know where the interviewer is going.  Resist the urge.  You cannot know what the question will be until the question is finished.  You cannot show respect and expect it if you interrupt. Viagra gay When it is your turn to answer you want to be able to speak without interruptions and the best way of receiving this treatment is to give it.

Viagra gay It may seem like a simple idea, viagra gay listen and you will be listened to. Viagra gay When being interviewed for a job, viagra gay you do want to be listened to and you want your message heard. Viagra gay What better way than by listening for understanding?

Viagra gay  

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Viagra Tablet

August 19th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra tablet Over the last few months I have been helping several clients prepare for interviews. Viagra tablet Some have now landed in new jobs, viagra tablet despite the economy and their fears borne of long-term unemployment. Viagra tablet In all cases, viagra tablet preparing for the interview required what my husband (one of my early victims who was successful in landing a new job) calls torture.  It’s a painful process of preparing and practicing – the latter by being subjected to unrelenting grilling.

Viagra tablet Though I try to be kind through this process, viagra tablet it is far more important that I be honest. Viagra tablet If the client does not hear my critique and is thus able to adjust the way she explains her experience, viagra tablet then it is likely she will not hear from the interviewer – read: get the job. Viagra tablet It is not fun or pleasant to give or receive critical feedback; however, viagra tablet most people tell me that our sessions made them feel more confident and prepared for any questions that the interviewers threw at them.

Viagra tablet Previously I shared PASS, viagra tablet my proposed mnemonic for successful interviews: Preparation, viagra tablet Authenticity, viagra tablet STAR stories and Sustained Energy and Presence.  To these I would now like to add Five Essential Skills:

  • Demonstrating Confidence
  • Listening
  • Making a powerful connection
  • Asking questions that get meaningful answers
  • Storytelling

Viagra tablet When I started writing this blog I thought I would tackle each of these topics briefly.  I found myself writing several paragraphs on each topic and sensing that there was still much to cover. Viagra tablet As a result, viagra tablet I will present one today and the rest in subsequent blog posts.

Viagra tablet The first skill, viagra tablet Demonstrating Confidence, viagra tablet does not mean acting with arrogance or superiority.  In particular, viagra tablet a confident job candidate will be authentic and respectful in all interactions. Viagra tablet The interview begins when you answer the phone, viagra tablet first step into the building, viagra tablet drive into the parking lot or even when you deal with someone making arrangements for your visit.  I have heard many stories of candidates who were rejected because of their lack of respect for the receptionist, viagra tablet assistant or intern who helped them.  Just because they are not on the list, viagra tablet does not mean they are not interviewing you.

Viagra tablet Your grooming and dress, viagra tablet your posture and handshake, viagra tablet and your demeanor and the tone of your voice demonstrate confidence.  Let’s look at each of these separately.

Viagra tablet Dress and Grooming: You should dress in a way that you feel comfortable and that helps you show you fit in.  Even in the age of business casual it is still appropriate to wear a suit to an interview.  For men this is easy, viagra tablet and the only guidance is that the tie should not be outlandish. Viagra tablet Stay away from the hula girl tie you bought on vacation. Viagra tablet For women, viagra tablet either a skirt (of appropriate length) or pantsuit in a neutral tone is terrific, viagra tablet paired with a contrasting blouse or sweater.  Your make up and hair should be appropriate for the time of day. Viagra tablet Do not overdo the jewelry or perfume, viagra tablet and if you can’t walk in those high pumps, viagra tablet then don’t wear them.

Viagra tablet Posture and Handshake:  Remember when your mother told you not to slouch? Standing and sitting up straight not only helps you be perceived as confident, viagra tablet but it also helps you project your voice and helps you maintain your energy. Viagra tablet When you slouch your voice naturally softens and you look uncomfortable, viagra tablet defeated and, viagra tablet probably, viagra tablet out of place. Viagra tablet When you are seated, viagra tablet lean slightly forward, viagra tablet and use your hands for emphasis rather than keep them stiffly at your sides.  And definitely, viagra tablet do not cross your arms – a defensive posture. Viagra tablet When you first meet someone, viagra tablet offer your hand with a firm, viagra tablet but not an exaggerated grip.  Think about how you might hold a golf club or a tennis racket: you don’t want to let it go, viagra tablet but holding it too tight will cause all your shots to go awry or give you elbow pain.

Viagra tablet Demeanor: A self-assured person does not scowl or look fearful.  Instead, viagra tablet a confident person is able to smile when greeting others and during a conversation.  Now, viagra tablet that does not mean that you should fake your smile.  That would not be authentic; instead, viagra tablet relax and your facial muscles will relax.  If you can, viagra tablet take a few deep, viagra tablet relaxing breaths before you walk into the interview or when you have a bathroom break.  When you speak with someone, viagra tablet hold their gaze and follow their eyes.  This will help you listen as well. Viagra tablet Nod slightly to indicate you are listening but do not exaggerate.

Viagra tablet Voice and expression:  Practice will help you avoid many of the verbal crutches we use when we are nervous, viagra tablet such as “hmm”, viagra tablet “uh” and “you know.” Many people have adopted what is often referred to as “up-talk”, viagra tablet the change in tone at the end that turns declarative sentences into apparent questions.  When women in particular use “up-talk” they appear uncertain about what they are saying. Viagra tablet Listen hard for whether you use this nasty habit, viagra tablet and work to avoid it, viagra tablet especially in an interview.  Speak neither too softly nor too loud, viagra tablet but modulate your voice to avoid speaking in a monotone.  It is OK to express warmth and excitement. Viagra tablet Though humor can help break the ice or overcome an embarrassing moment, viagra tablet be careful how you use it: if you are not naturally funny don’t force it.  For heaven’s sakes, viagra tablet don’t make jokes especially at the expense of anyone or any group.

Viagra tablet Practice is the best way to learn how you present yourself. Viagra tablet Use a camera to record your behavior in a mock interview or ask a coach or trusted friend to help you. Viagra tablet (If you’d like my help preparing for interviews, viagra tablet I have a special offer of three sessions)

Viagra tablet An interview is a stressful situation and, viagra tablet though most interviewers will cut you some slack, viagra tablet you can truly “ace the interview” by presenting your most confident best self.

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Generic Cialis Canadian

July 12th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Generic cialis canadian Recently I have been receiving notes from people, generic cialis canadian including a number of clients that have a decidedly upbeat message: “I start a new job on Monday.”  Now the numbers in the press don’t tell the same story: “Fewer jobs created this month; percent unemployed unchanged; yada, generic cialis canadian yada, generic cialis canadian yada…”

Generic cialis canadian Are the news stories wrong?  Probably not and, generic cialis canadian at the same time, generic cialis canadian yes.  Of course, generic cialis canadian bad news grabs more headlines than good. Generic cialis canadian The point is that people are moving back into jobs or creating them as entrepreneurs. Generic cialis canadian The fact that a few people have now found jobs may not be significant in a pool of hundreds of thousands seeking employment.  They are meaningful, generic cialis canadian though, generic cialis canadian in that they represent success despite great odds

Generic cialis canadian Yes, generic cialis canadian you might say I’m an incurable optimist.

Generic cialis canadian These people who have now landed in either a permanent job or a long-term assignment have a few things in common:

  • They did not give up.
  • They took responsibility rather than blaming others, generic cialis canadian the economy, generic cialis canadian employers, generic cialis canadian etc.
  • They went back to the drawing board and thought through their strengths, generic cialis canadian abilities and experience to align themselves with the opportunities that exist in the marketplace.
  • They got out of their own comfort zone and worked hard at networking and meeting new people who could lead them to a new position.
  • They continued to learn through reading or volunteering.
  • They got help – whether it was through coaching, generic cialis canadian a job club, generic cialis canadian a resume writer or networking organization.

Generic cialis canadian It is so hard for us to ask for help, generic cialis canadian especially if we’ve been successfully self sufficient for a long time. Generic cialis canadian There are many people who are working hard to help others find meaningful work.  Those who land a new job can be especially helpful by giving a “hand-up” to their former colleagues: recommendations, generic cialis canadian networking suggestions, generic cialis canadian information on job openings, generic cialis canadian introductions, generic cialis canadian etc.  And, generic cialis canadian of course, generic cialis canadian there are coaches like me.

Generic cialis canadian I have a paperweight on my desk that says, generic cialis canadian “if you knew you could not fail, generic cialis canadian what would you attempt?” Yes, generic cialis canadian I see positive signs in a handful of people finding new assignments. Generic cialis canadian It is a much more helpful view and interpretation of data.  Why not?  If you did not think you could succeed, generic cialis canadian what incentive would you have?

Generic cialis canadian If you knew you could not fail, generic cialis canadian what would you attempt…TODAY?

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Brand Name Cialis

June 18th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Brand name cialis About a week ago I received one of those calls. Brand name cialis You know the kind, brand name cialis they start with the usual niceties and then the bad news is shared.  “I’m so sorry to tell you…” One of the people who was most influential in my husband’s career passed away after a long illness. Brand name cialis A few weeks before he and my husband had a chance to talk after many years.

Brand name cialis For a number of reasons, brand name cialis I have been thinking about legacy lately.  It was the topic of a meeting I facilitated recently and it was interesting to hear how differently each one thinks about this topic. Brand name cialis Or, brand name cialis in fact, brand name cialis doesn’t think about it at all, brand name cialis being more focused on the present and our own needs

Brand name cialis Only a select few can invent or create something completely new.  Most of us, brand name cialis however, brand name cialis can improve on something and that can be our legacy. Brand name cialis Guy Kawasaki, brand name cialis Apple Corp.’s former chief evangelist, brand name cialis talks about creating meaning by creating improving the quality of life, brand name cialis righting a wrong or preventing the end of something good (see the video of his talk at Stanford by following this link). Brand name cialis And all of us want to create meaning for our lives and in our work.

Brand name cialis I remember thinking while I was building a group, brand name cialis creating capabilities, brand name cialis developing programs or designing policies that my legacy to the organization would be to leave a well-run and engaged group that continued to thrive after I left.  Not surprisingly, brand name cialis the company reorganized and the group was broken up without my having any say about it. Brand name cialis Though painful at the time, brand name cialis my loss was much less since I had learned not to measure my legacy in the structure or working of the group.

Brand name cialis Rather, brand name cialis I have learned that my legacy is in the way I have been able to influence people, brand name cialis whether it was to help develop and grow their careers or by helping individuals find their own voice and to bring their whole selves to work.  I am proud to have created lasting relationships that are based on mutual respect and caring.  I am delighted to hear that the people I mentored have, brand name cialis likewise, brand name cialis gone on to help others in their careers and to build similar relationships with their peers and subordinates.

Brand name cialis My husband attended his mentor’s memorial service, brand name cialis and was gratified to hear that his old teacher’s children recognized his name.  A gifted manager and teacher, brand name cialis his mentor had created wonderful relationships everywhere he was involved, brand name cialis his medical school where he also taught, brand name cialis the pharmaceutical company where he led an important group, brand name cialis and his community.  What a wonderful legacy!

Brand name cialis What is your legacy?   For what would you want to be remembered?

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Order Cheap Viagra

June 3rd, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts  |  1 Comment

Viagra facts Some time ago I took a number of psychometric assessments to help me figure out what I wanted to do in my next career.  The Birkman(R) inventory, viagra facts StrengthFinder(R) and the VIA Character Strengths inventory were among the instruments that I used to help me explore a key element of career happiness, viagra facts my strengths.

Viagra facts After reading the assessment reports I was just as confused as before I started.  Each one used different terms and classifications that did not appear to be connected.  Similarly, viagra facts a couple of my clients have shared with me the reports of their assessments hoping that I could cut through the muddle and provide clarity. Viagra facts Unfortunately, viagra facts I have not yet found an assessment that works for me.

Viagra facts Rather, viagra facts I like to use two approaches. Viagra facts One is the Calling Card(TM) approach where a client sorts through a number of strengths to identify the one thing they bring to the table as well as the top few others from which they chose.  In my experience, viagra facts most people need several turns to feel strongly that they have identified their “calling card.”  This works even better in teams where each member of the team shares his or her calling card with the group and asks and receives feedback on it – usually confirming the aptness of the choice.

Viagra facts The other approach is to ask a few people who know us well, viagra facts what it is about us that they value most.  Asking a friend or co-worker for this information has the added benefit that it allows the opportunity to acknowledge a strength that may be assumed or taken for granted.  Hearing that others value a part of our character can provide a boost to our confidence and, viagra facts importantly, viagra facts allows us to think differently about how we relate to others.

Viagra facts Since using and building on our strengths is one of the three key elements of Career Happiness, viagra facts it is valuable to have a way of determining our strengths that can be expressed in terms we understand and can internalize.

Viagra facts Try it – Ask three people you know what they value about you or what they see as your strength.  You will be surprised and find the information invaluable.

Viagra facts Also, viagra facts don’t discuss, viagra facts debate or deny whatever they tell you.  Other than to ask for examples or clarification the only appropriate response to whatever they say is “Thank you”.

Viagra facts  

Viagra facts  

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Viagra In Mexico

May 20th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra in mexico It’s Commencement season, viagra in mexico a sweet and sad time for many. Viagra in mexico In our family we celebrated the college graduation of my niece last weekend and, viagra in mexico just yesterday, viagra in mexico my son received his B.A. Viagra in mexico  Another nephew graduates with a Masters in Education in a couple of weeks.  In addition to experiencing the pomp and circumstance of the colorful academic processions and seeing the happy, viagra in mexico and often relieved, viagra in mexico faces of students and their families, viagra in mexico we were treated to hearing the, viagra in mexico hopefully, viagra in mexico inspiring words of community or intellectual leaders.

Viagra in mexico Most Commencement addresses follow a similar pattern in that the speaker shares his or her life story, viagra in mexico the challenges overcome and the opportunities taken, viagra in mexico and exhorts graduates to forge their own path in the world.  Only too often they are an insipid mix of clichés and self-aggrandizement.  Every once in a while, viagra in mexico a speaker actually speaks from the heart and even if the message and the rhetoric are the same, viagra in mexico their words find resonance with their audience.

Viagra in mexico My children had the good fortune and merit to attend schools where the Commencement speakers were, viagra in mexico indeed, viagra in mexico inspiring though in different ways.  Colin Powell spoke three years ago at my daughter’s Commencement. Viagra in mexico He spoke of opportunities squandered and taken, viagra in mexico and of finding and doing something he loved. Viagra in mexico He told of the gratitude he felt for the country that welcomed his immigrant parents, viagra in mexico and of his service in return.

Viagra in mexico At my son’s graduation we had a somewhat unusual speaker, viagra in mexico the Hollywood movie and television producer, viagra in mexico director and actor, viagra in mexico Garry Marshall of Pretty Woman and Happy Days fame.  His talk was highly entertaining, viagra in mexico peppered with anecdotes of a long career and sprinkled with the names of the many celebrities with whom he has worked.  His cheer and self-deprecating humor, viagra in mexico however, viagra in mexico barely masked an important and timely message:  adversity will hit and it is up to you, viagra in mexico and only you, viagra in mexico to overcome it and succeed.  He told of the many times he faced adversity and how he learned from each one to do better the next time. Viagra in mexico Quoting Samuel Beckett, viagra in mexico he exhorted graduates to “fail again, viagra in mexico fail better”. Viagra in mexico (If you’d like to see the complete address follow this link)

Viagra in mexico If you have followed my blog posts, viagra in mexico you know this is a favorite theme:   the importance of failure. Viagra in mexico For the millennial generation that includes my children, viagra in mexico learning to fail and overcome adversity may be a new lesson as so many of us parents have supported, viagra in mexico praised and protected them. Viagra in mexico Entering the workplace in the current economy may feel like being thrown into the deep end of the pool without water wings or swimming lessons.  Even so, viagra in mexico I believe that this generation can learn to become resilient. Viagra in mexico Even as they encounter a tough hiring environment. Viagra in mexico Through their resourcefulness, viagra in mexico much higher levels of collaboration and community/social involvement they can create a new normal that is vibrant, viagra in mexico prosperous and inspiring for all of us.

Viagra in mexico  

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Adviser Finance Order Viagra

May 3rd, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts  |  1 Comment

Viagra joke Every once in a while we order Chinese food and it comes with the inevitable fortune cookie. Viagra joke I usually dismiss these very American tidbits and save the calories and the trite words of wisdom inside.

Viagra joke For some reason, viagra joke as I was clearing some stuff around my kitchen I came across my leftover fortune cookie and read the fortune. Viagra joke To my surprise, viagra joke it resonated with me enough to inspire this blog.

Viagra joke Here is the fortune: “Your companions are your mirrors and show you yourself”.

Viagra joke How many times do we tell our children to be careful with whom they associate lest they get in trouble or pick up bad habits? We see in their association the possibility of “infection” of undesirable habits or worse. Viagra joke For ourselves we know that the company we keep can have consequences, viagra joke and whether these are “guilt by association” or real influence, viagra joke with whom we are may make a difference as to how we behave. Viagra joke Do we recognize, viagra joke however, viagra joke that some of our own companions show us that side of us that we would rather not know?

Viagra joke I was thinking about an old colleague who complained constantly about other members of our team. Viagra joke Though I hated to admit it, viagra joke in our conversations I, viagra joke too, viagra joke complained about some of our colleagues. Viagra joke As a result we tended to paint ourselves into a corner where we could hardly see anything other than limitations. Viagra joke Nothing our colleagues could do would ever be right, viagra joke not could their actions satisfy our exacting standards.

Viagra joke Even as we spun our negativity we saw ourselves as righteous and imagined that we had a positive impact on our own groups. Viagra joke It wasn’t until much later, viagra joke after we had stopped working together, viagra joke that I realized how negative my colleague had been and how difficult it was to be around him. Viagra joke More importantly, viagra joke and much later, viagra joke I came to understand that what I had thought about him also reflected on me. Viagra joke My own negativity was visible to other colleagues and tainted the way I was perceived.

Viagra joke The mirror, viagra joke my colleague, viagra joke showed me my own self.

Viagra joke I also realized how important it is to surround myself with people with a more optimistic and open disposition. Viagra joke Being a force for positive interactions can have a disproportionately beneficial impact in the workplace. Viagra joke Removing toxic negativity does more, viagra joke it creates the environment where increased awareness, viagra joke productivity and collaboration exist.

Viagra joke What part of your self are you seeing through your companions? If you could choose the qualities of those with whom you associate, viagra joke and that others see in you, viagra joke what would they be? How are you impacting your colleagues and your workplace?

Viagra joke  

Viagra joke  

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Sildenafil Citrate Omnigen

April 19th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Sildenafil citrate omnigen For about a year I have been offering a teleseminar entitled “Transform Your Career from Misery to Happiness”.  Though the seminar has, sildenafil citrate omnigen of course, sildenafil citrate omnigen evolved the message is essentially the same:  most of us have at some point in our careers felt miserable about some aspect of our, sildenafil citrate omnigen job, sildenafil citrate omnigen our workplace, sildenafil citrate omnigen our boss or something related to our work life.  And, sildenafil citrate omnigen importantly, sildenafil citrate omnigen it is never to late to do something about it. Sildenafil citrate omnigen The seminar also offers a model for transformation that resonated with me and is the basis of the Career Happiness webinar series.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Reflecting on the response of the many people who have participated over this past year, sildenafil citrate omnigen I have gained a number of insights into how we deal with career misery.  Though it is clear that nobody wants to be in this situation, sildenafil citrate omnigen many create a number of coping mechanisms and justifications that allow them to stay in misery and stress rather than face disruptive change.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Here are some of my insights

  • The title makes some feel uncomfortable, sildenafil citrate omnigen perhaps because it comes close to the truth. Sildenafil citrate omnigen “Misery” is an emotive word. Sildenafil citrate omnigen It encompasses simple discomfort to disappointment, sildenafil citrate omnigen stress and pain.  Some people do not get past the word misery to think about happiness.
  • Signing up for the class is easy.  Attending and doing the thinking and self-reflection that the transformation requires is not.
  • Continuing the work of transformation requires discipline and motivation. Sildenafil citrate omnigen People do it when they are ready or are pushed by circumstances.
  • The transition model that I share has held up through my work with a number of clients and webinar participants.
  •  Only a very small number of participants have ever asked for the book list that was used to create the seminar.  It may be that it is too much work.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen All this tells me that I have chosen a difficult topic and one that makes people uncomfortable.  Realizing one is in misery is difficult and we tend to cope instead. Sildenafil citrate omnigen We rationalize and choose to stay in stress rather than face the difficult work and decisions that changing our careers may represent.  We prefer to stay with the stresses we know rather than face the unknown, sildenafil citrate omnigen even if that unknown might bring us happiness. Sildenafil citrate omnigen It takes courage to face fear and we put up barriers ourselves that may appear insurmountable. Sildenafil citrate omnigen In retrospect, sildenafil citrate omnigen I know that I, sildenafil citrate omnigen too, sildenafil citrate omnigen could have made the changes I am advocating much earlier in my career and benefited in many ways.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen As I prepare for another cycle of teleseminars where I will incorporate some of these and additional insights and will seriously consider changing the name.  What do you think of “Transform Your Career from Discontent to Happiness”?  Is it less threatening or perhaps more bland? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen I hope you have the courage to face your fears and to “see” you soon in an upcoming seminar. Sildenafil citrate omnigen  I announce these in my bi-weekly newsletter and website. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Please check them out.

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Viagra Available In India

April 4th, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra available in india Last fall my husband and I took a trip to visit a private island off Kauai.  We left early in the morning on a very windy day.  The captain warned us that we might not be able to complete our itinerary if the winds did not die down a little.  Still, viagra available in india we pushed on and enjoyed a terrific day of snorkeling and sight seeing.

Viagra available in india On the return trip, viagra available in india as we prepared for what would be a pretty rough crossing, viagra available in india we chatted with the captain.  We asked him about how he felt doing the same trip day after day. Viagra available in india The question seemed to baffle him.  What’s not to love about this job?  He shared that he used to be an executive in an office in California.  He decided to give up a lucrative job to become the captain of a sightseeing catamaran and doesn’t regret it for an instance. Viagra available in india He loves his job and experiences flow – a state in which one is immersed in an experience that is rewarding in and of itself.

Viagra available in india Recently, viagra available in india while speaking with a friend at a local coffee shop, viagra available in india  she introduced me to her guitar teacher. Viagra available in india When my friend introduced me as a career transformation coach he shared that he could about used my help a few years ago when he worked on Wall Street as an analyst. Viagra available in india Here was someone, viagra available in india again, viagra available in india who gave up a lucrative career in the finance sector to do what he loves: teaching music to both children and adults and exploring and creating different styles of music.   He shared that, viagra available in india despite the financial rewards, viagra available in india he was bored and had no interest or ambition in that job. Viagra available in india He realized, viagra available in india as he struggled to stay motivated, viagra available in india that being delighted by what they did gave his coworkers a great competitive advantage. Viagra available in india They went to work excited about what the numbers would tell them, viagra available in india while he was uninterested. Viagra available in india He quit and has not regretted it.

Viagra available in india Of course, viagra available in india finding that passion, viagra available in india that driving desire, viagra available in india is not always easy. Viagra available in india Most of us discover ours, viagra available in india by trial and error or by being at the right place at the right time.  For many of us our passion is revealed when we least expect it.  In my case, viagra available in india I became a coach because I realized that the moments of flow in my career were associated with helping others find their leadership voice and connecting them with their potential.  My greatest successes were associated with leading and facilitating teams and helping them reach beyond their expectations.

Viagra available in india Once I became a coach I struggled for a time to find my own groove.  The entrepreneurial world is new to me, viagra available in india having always worked in corporate settings. Viagra available in india It all came together once I began working with people struggling with career transitions and transformations, viagra available in india much as I had done.  The insight that I was not a transition coach but a “career transformation” coach came when I least expected it and, viagra available in india certainly, viagra available in india when I was not actively seeking the definition.

Viagra available in india I now realize that everything I have done until now has led me to this true purpose, viagra available in india  to help others create the career and life that they truly desire. Viagra available in india I call it “career happiness” and, viagra available in india it is essential to achieving one’s potential.

Viagra available in india What is your true purpose? What is it about what you do that puts you on the road to “career happiness”?

Viagra available in india If you don’t have an answer to these two questions, viagra available in india what are you doing about it?  What can I do to help?

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