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Today has been a remarkable day in sports.   Like most of America, I watched the USA vs. Algeria World Cup match and bit my fingernails as the minutes ticked by and the US did not score a(n allowed) goal.   Yes, as usual, a goal was not allowed on a questionable call and the score remained nil-all through regulation time. The American squad, however, never gave up.   They persevered and eventually broke through the formidable Algerian defense during injury time.   Amazing!  Everyone had called the USA team out. With much acrimony, the England team was already given up for dead.   They, too, persevered and eventually won one match to advance. In addition to soccer, even now I am witnessing what has been described by the commentators (second ovral® norgestrel 500mcg ethinyl estradiol 50mcg (brand) $234.00 shift now, I think) as an “epic”. “historical”, “unprecedented” match at Wimbledon. John Isner (US) and Nicolas Mahut (FR) have been playing a fifth set of tennis today for more than six hours. Ovral® norgestrel 500mcg ethinyl estradiol 50mcg (brand) $234.00   and all this, after the match was interrupted for darkness last night. Right now ovral® norgestrel 500mcg ethinyl estradiol 50mcg (brand) $234.00, they are tied 55:55 games in the fifth set.   One hundred and ten games of tennis with only the brief respite allowed by regulation every other game.   Now it is 56: 55!  Both players look exhausted.   Dead on their feet.   Barely able to lift the racquet – well, not really since they are still acing their serves. How easy would it be for one to give up?  Neither [ovral® norgestrel 500mcg ethinyl estradiol 50mcg (brand) $234.00] has allowed a break of serve. Neither has given up, even when down 40:0 or 0:40. Perseverance. I wonder why perseverance may be more commonly associated with physical activity.   Running a marathon or triathlon.   Of course, not everyone can run a marathon or play a five-hour tennis duel.   Yet, we find the strength, stamina and sheer orneriness to complete such enormous tasks. How do we do when the task is not physical but mental?  How do stay motivated and focused to complete a project or continue a mental fight in the face of difficult odds? What inspiration can we find in these examples from the sport world to continue to push through obstacles in our careers and life?  Please share examples where perseverance was a key determinant of success. By the way, the score is now 58:58 and both players are still holding serve.

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