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It has been a while since I wrote my last blog.   Summer doldrums?  Perhaps.   When I started this series I intended to provide ideas on how to work through job and career transitions, especially if the transition resulted from job loss.   Inspired by Lee Howard’s in The Day of New London, the first two parts flowed easily, focused as they were on dealing with the impact of job loss on our self image  and on rediscovering those activities that give us meaning and pleasure and that can tap our strengths. This third installment was supposed to provide guidance on finding a new career or job.   As I contemplated writing this blog I could not figure out the right angle.   Surely, it should be easy to suggest creating a resume, resources for finding jobs on line and networking ideas, etc.   Individually, each of these topics could be the subject of a great article.   What I could not do was create an article that gave the “Secret formula to finding a job. ” Making this advice generic for all regardless of their circumstances, passions, strengths, etc. proved to be a very tall order. As a coach, I believe that each client is an expert in his/her life.   Unlike a consultant, who provides expertise in a specific area, a coach is an expert in a process that helps the client discover dreams prandin 0.5mg pills $127.00, set and accomplish goals and break through the barriers, whether internal or external, that prevent their achieving them.   In addition, we do bring our other areas of expertise in support or guidance of our clients. Do I know how to write resumes?  Certainly! Can I help a client uncover job opportunities online?  Of course! Would I be able to provide guidance on networking DOs and DONTs?  Definitely! However, doing this generically in the short blog format is unrealistic. Prandin 0.5mg pills $127.00 so instead of writing some general advice to cover all aspects of a job search, i thought i would provide advice on one area: how to present your experience during the interview, no matter what job you seek.   In addition, I am also making a special offer, so please read on First – here are my tips for acing the interview:

  • Review the job description.   What are the competencies for the job?  Think of a few examples from your career that exemplify those competencies.
  • Write out the examples.   You will find that writing these out helps you think through prandin 0.5mg pills $127.00 the details.   Highlight the important aspects and how these relate to the competencies and your strengths.   Be sure to eliminate jargon or references that could only be understood by someone at your previous company.
  • Now re-write these stories in this format:

1.      What was the situation?

2.      What did you do?

3.      What was the result?

4.      What did you learn? (optional at the interview)

  • Beyond the key competencies, think about other strengths these could highlight.   Do they show your leadership ability or resourcefulness?  Think about creating a grid that shows you what story to bring up for what trait.
  • Practice your stories ensuring your language is crisp.   If a story is useful for multiple competencies, practice it from different perspectives.   If possible, ask a friend (or coach!) to ask you potential questions and give you feedback on your answers.
  • Create some simple notes that will jog your memory.   It’s OK to refer to your notes, provided you don’t just read them verbatim.   Showing you have prepared for your interview will show the hiring manager that you are organized and have given the job careful consideration.
And now the offer:  I will offer a 45-minute consultation where we will explore [prandin 0.5mg pills $127.00] some ways you can go about finding that new job or career. And I will do this ABSOLUTELY FREE. Although there is no cost, you do have to do some prework before we speak:
  • Read the two previous blogs in this series
  • Create the lists I suggest in these two blogs
  • Then, follow this link to schedule a
In order to have a meaningful discussion, I will ask you to email the prework assignment before confirming the appointment. Please Note:  This offer is available to 10 individuals so be sure to sign up soon. I look forward to hearing from you!

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