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The business world has changed. Gone are the days of the hero who could solve problems singlehandedly, leading his team to success and garnering the admiration of his superiors, colleagues and staff. Well, maybe. Even today the majority of companies and organizations are stuck using performance management models where individual successes are rewarded and failures are punished. Fomenting an atmosphere of competition rather collaboration, individuals are incentivized to laud their own accomplishments and downplay the role of their teams or collaborators – not to mention their staff. Our increasingly complex world creates increasingly complex problems that require innovative solutions that depend on collaboration. Yet requip 2mg pills $165.00, many companies find it difficult to reward collaborative achievements over individual contribution. Why is that? Is it human nature? According to Steven Pinker, author of The Blank Slate, it may be. Our individual need to stand requip 2mg pills $165.00 out and be attractive to our partners is a key driver of behavior that is hard wired. The drive to survive through strength and resourcefulness is a key part of our human nature. Yet humans also have the ability to collaborate when it [requip 2mg pills $165.00] is important for the survival of the tribe or species. It seems unlikely we would ever move away from a system that rewards individual achievement and contribution. Nor should we, as the individual’s work and contribution to collaborative solutions should be acknowledged. However, creating a system where both individual contributions and collective success are encouraged could lead to greater achievement overall. The dark side of rewarding collaboration is the temptation for some to coast on their colleagues’ hard work and be rewarded for their laziness. There are many ways to guard against this through peer ratings of contribution and other methods for encouraging collaborative behavior. Requip 2mg pills $165.00 here are four ways to encourage collaboration:

  • reward contribution to team success at least as much as individual contribution
  • create a way to recognize the efforts to collaborate or help others even when not tied to a specific accomplishment
  • create opportunities for collaboration in highly visible and projects or goals
  • make a point of recognizing collaborative behavior at company events
companies that emphasize collaborative achievements and recognize individual contributions are more likely to succeed in an increasingly networked, global and complex world hungry for the next big thing. What do you do to encourage collaboration?  

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