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Many people think there is little difference between a mentor and a coach.   And, yes, there are some areas where the skills and the impact are similar.   However, there are key differences between these roles that can make a world of difference to one’s career. Catalyst () cites a relationship with a mentor as one of the key determinants of career success, especially for women.    In research study after research study, Catalyst has found that women who have been mentored are more likely to be promoted sinequan 75mg pills $448.00, feel more positive about their career choices and achieve greater financial success. One learns from the mentor’s experience.   A good mentor will listen carefully and share her views and experiences in similar situations.   A great mentor will also challenge her protégé to reach beyond current responsibilities and expectations.   At the same time a mentor will hear from her protégé what she might not hear from her direct reports or peers.   She will learn about what it is like to work in another part of the organization and about politics and situations she may not have otherwise known and from a different perspective.   For the mentor, gaining this insight can be invaluable. There is a downside to mentors that bears mentioning.   Mentors sometimes act as advocates for their protégés, perhaps promoting them or their skills even before they are ready.   As a result, a protégé may find his career too closely linked to that of his mentor, with potentially devastating impact if the mentor leaves the organization or suffers career setbacks. For a coach, on the other hand, the client’s agenda is always first and foremost.   Though the coach may be experienced in the client’s field, what he brings to his client are well-developed skills to help find answers and solutions from the client's own knowledge and intelligence. The coach will help remove the blocks that keep this knowledge and insight buried and inaccessible.   The coach will challenge the client as well, though with the understanding of what may be blocking her progress may not be simply political or organizational. With a coach, the client is able to face the fears and assumptions that may be keeping her from attempting new challenges.    The coach will also hold the client accountable for doing the hard work needed to change.   Knowing that accountability is part of the deal has tremendous impact on actually achieving success. So, which one should you have, a mentor or a coach?  For me, it’s not an either/or question. When I was in a corporate setting, I benefitted from having both.   In fact, it was my coach who challenged me to ask a senior leader to be my mentor. Without his encouragement, challenge and downright annoying persistence, I would never have developed a terrific relationship with an inspiring senior leader. An organization will increase staff engagement if it offers both sinequan 75mg pills [sinequan 75mg pills $448.00] $448.00 a path to mentorship and invests in coaching for its leaders. Invest in yourself: ask someone you admire to be your mentor. They will be delighted you asked, whether or not they are able to do so.   If they are unable to mentor you, they will probably suggest someone else and may offer an introduction if necessary. Sinequan 75mg pills $448.00   in any case, asking expands your network. Invest in yourself: get a coach. Ask your supervisor or HR department about working with a leadership coach.   If they will not support it, consider taking matters into your own hands and hire a coach yourself.   In addition to one-on-one coaching, other options such as group coaching may offer the support and guidance of coaching at affordable rates.   The value of coaching has been estimated to greatly exceed the cost with an average return on investment of over 500% (J. McGovern et al, The Manchester Review, 2001, 6, 1. For a copy of this report, Click on this link and write “Coaching ROI” in the Question box). Imagine the impact this could have on your career and your life. So, go ahead, invest in yourself.   You’re worth it!

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