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How broad and diverse is your network? So much has changed about the way we look at our networks even in just the last five years. Much of this change is related to our increased reliance in and comfort with social media. When I first left my corporate job I had already joined LinkedIn, though I had not really used it to share information or participate in discussions. Singulair 4mg pills $118.00 almost all my connections were in the same company and my network was composed of a very small, select group of colleagues. The outplacement counselor who lectured us on the use of social media for job searches warned us against having too many primary connections. She suggested we limit our primary network to only those people we knew well, relying instead on their connections. How different is this than the way we use LinkedIn today? This social media tool has become invaluable to job candidates, employers and recruiters. The advice was wrong on so many levels. First singulair 4mg pills $118.00, it assumed that our network was not or sharing – although others’ should be more than willing to share with us, of course. Second, it suggested that our networks should be limited to those people who are already close to us. Lastly, its tone implied that the network was exclusively for our gain. In his book Give and Take, Adam Grant suggests that, weaker ties rather than strong ones are much more valuable in creating new opportunities. Likewise, looking at networking as a way of “getting” rather than “giving” changes their composition and value. In Never Eat Alone, master networker Keith Ferrazzi, drives this point home. He approaches networking as a way of connecting others, of creating value through giving. The ability to create a network that is broad and diverse also increases one’s visibility. This does not necessarily mean that every invitation must be accepted. My current approach is to find the commonality: generally accepting invitations from people with whom I have something in common, such as a former employer or membership in a group. I have also singulair 4mg pills $118.00 invited others to join my network or follow my company [singulair 4mg pills $118.00] on LinkedIn through my website and this newsletter. Unfortunately, the system does not allow me to see if an invitation to connect comes from these sources. Though not yet an open networker, I have certainly loosened my filters since that outplacement lecture a few years back. As a result I am able to connect people who ask me and have increased my own visibility. Using LinkedIn to find qualified candidates has changed recruiters’ work. A double-edged sword that has radically decreased their numbers now that candidates are not identified through multiple phone calls. Recommendations and endorsements increase the ability to find a profile on LinkedIn. Illustrating that it is better to give than to receive, giving recommendations and endorsements also increases the chances the giver will be found. Be generous, be open, be found – be a better networker.  

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