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Unlike a recipe for a cake, where the ingredients must be measured exactly, and mixed carefully and baked according the instructions, Career Happiness is more like creating a salad at a buffet:  there are key elements that make it healthy, the quantities and variety of the "extras" are what make it delicious. And each salad is highly personal.   My favorite salad is not necessarily tasty to you, and vice versa. So what are the key ingredients that must be included for a "Career Happiness Salad"? The Basics - these are the must have elements that make it possible The Greens: Meaning - what you do must be connected to something that is aligned with your Purpose.   Few of us work just for the financial reward. We work to improve health, to increase justice, to create beauty, etc.   According to Guy Kawasaki sitagliptin 50mg pills $138.00, entrepreneur, who was part of storied Apple Macintosh team, we "make meaning" in one [sitagliptin 50mg pills $138.00] or more of three ways: Improving something, righting a wrong or preventing something good from being lost. (see this great , courtesy of Jean Schaefer of ) The Protein: Strengths - those things that we do so well, we don't even have to think about it.   We are so good at these that everyone around us knows it. Sitagliptin 50mg pills $138.00   however, because these come so naturally to us, we sometimes discount their value; we take them for granted.   Finding out what our true strengths are, and thinking about how we can use these strengths in our work can open up many new opportunities. The Dressing: Pleasure  - Just a little goes a long way.   When we find that one thing we enjoy so much we lose track of time: that is what keeps us coming back to work.   Whether it is delving into the numbers or sitagliptin 50mg pills $138.00 the science, making presentations, working with colleagues, teaching or creating art, each one of us has something that makes everything else more enjoyable and meaningful. The Extras: If the three elements above are included, it's a salad.   It’s the extras that make it your own salad, whether these are other vegetables, seeds, croutons or a little bit of cheese. At work these extras may be the environment, the benefits, the financial rewards, location or colleagues.   Again, for each one of us the important extras may be different and may change from day to day or year to year.   Without them it's still a salad, but our unique combination of extra ingredients is what makes "our salad" special and especially enjoyable. What’s important for you in your “Career Happiness Salad”? What is currently missing that you would like to add or what would you like more of?  

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