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For months I had seen her typing away at her laptop, sitting in a corner of my favorite coffee shop. The shop’s owner shared that this customer was writing a book, and marveled about her ability to shut out the noise of other customers, little kids running around and the noise of the espresso machine. I was curious about her and her project, but respected her privacy and need for focus. Just a couple of days ago we happened to stand next to each other in line and I took the opportunity to [synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00] ask about her project. She shared that that day was the deadline for submission, and a little about the topic. I am intrigued by her take on this topic, which is near, and dear to my heart. I was glad I asked the question. After our brief meeting, it occurred to me that this author could be a speaker for an event I am organizing, that might potentially coincide with the launch of her book. This morning I approached her with this idea and she welcomed it. We will be making plans soon for a talk and book discussion at my event. All this from asking a small question about something that piqued my curiosity. Serendipity! The old adage says, “Curiosity killed the cat. ” I don’t agree. How often do we keep our curiosity locked away by our fear of meeting strangers? Where people are concerned, curiosity about others can create opportunities, ideas, relationships and new areas for exploration. Synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 where networking is concerned, curiosity is critical. Of course, it is important to prepare an “elevator speech”, but initiating any conversation by sharing it is a sure way of ending it. Rather, it’s so much better to engage our curiosity and ask about others: what do they like, do, think, etc. Asking interesting, open-ended questions is more likely to result in someone returning the favor, and then real dialogue can break out. You will be making connections and, more than likely synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00, be asked to share your own story. Importantly, you have a chance to create a relationship. And you never know to synthroid 200mcg pills $69.00 what brilliant ideas and opportunities that could lead. Serendipity!

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