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March 1st, 2010  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra pfizer Our image of a team, viagra pfizer whether in sports or business, viagra pfizer is of colleagues in one organization collaborating to win a competition or complete a task.  While this construct is appropriate in the sports world, viagra pfizer how appropriate is it in the business world?  As I prepared my remarks for a conference on clinical outsourcing, viagra pfizer I was struck by how radically outsourcing has transformed the way research and development is conducted in the pharmaceutical industry.

Viagra pfizer

Viagra pfizer It was not that long ago that most companies conducted virtually all the work necessary to register a new drug within the walls of their facilities.  With the exception of new technologies or repetitive tasks company scientists had their hands in every aspect of a compound’s journey from the lab to the drug store.

Viagra pfizer Now, viagra pfizer after multiple mergers and acquisitions, viagra pfizer and a relentless drive to cut costs in the phase of lower productivity, viagra pfizer companies no longer own the facilities of employ all staff required to complete the discovery, viagra pfizer testing and manufacture of new medicines.

Viagra pfizer And yet the exchange of ideas and the highly integrated and interdependent processes required to develop drugs thrives in an environment of teamwork.  But how to foster teamwork where multiple organizations with potentially different or even conflicting interests are involved?  The answer might mean the different between success and failure for the new outsourcing model.

Viagra pfizer To create successful teams it is essential to develop and atmosphere of trust.  This cannot exist where Sponsors are on the lookout for “gotcha” opportunities or where the drive to reduce costs, viagra pfizer all but eliminates incentives for the CROs. Viagra pfizer Honest and thorough communication, viagra pfizer including the expectation that CRO scientists question assumptions and strategies not only increase the CROs ownership and accountability but also increase that the collaboration will benefit both through generating new knowledge.

Viagra pfizer How well do companies foster the quality of teamwork that may mean the difference between success and failure?  What is the likelihood that the pendulum will swing back towards “insourcing” in the near future? In my view, viagra pfizer the winners over the next few years will develop their skills and we will see even stronger partnering, viagra pfizer  Strategic use of coaching will make a tremendous difference.

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