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As I write this, my first blog, I am reminded that today is the 68th anniversary of the “day that will live in infamy”.   Hopefully, not an omen for what I’m about to do. Writing a blog is a new experience, one that I enter into with some [tenoretic 25mg pills $83.00] trepidation.   Who is going to want to read my musings and wonderings? What is the purpose of this blog? Is it to impart knowledge or wisdom?  Perhaps the purpose of a blog is purely for marketing purposes – to create awareness and build demand for future services. I think the purpose of this blog may well be all of the above.   However, I would like to think that the purpose of this blog, more than anything else tenoretic 25mg pills $83.00, will be to promote learning and discovery.    If nothing else, along with ideas and my own learning, I hope to challenge the reader to new experiences and tenoretic 25mg pills $83.00 opportunities. My current plan is to include as regular offerings suggestions for books and videos that I have found stimulating.   I believe that we learn and grow or we die – literally and figuratively.   I hope to help you grow and learn and, therefore, thrive. Tenoretic 25mg pills $83.00 come along on this journey.   I hope to learn from you as much as I hope to share. A new day, a new opportunity – hopefully, no infamy.

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