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May 3rd, 2012  |  Published in General Thoughts  |  1 Comment

Viagra on line order Every once in a while we order Chinese food and it comes with the inevitable fortune cookie. Viagra on line order I usually dismiss these very American tidbits and save the calories and the trite words of wisdom inside.

Viagra on line order For some reason, viagra on line order as I was clearing some stuff around my kitchen I came across my leftover fortune cookie and read the fortune. Viagra on line order To my surprise, viagra on line order it resonated with me enough to inspire this blog.

Viagra on line order Here is the fortune: “Your companions are your mirrors and show you yourself”.

Viagra on line order How many times do we tell our children to be careful with whom they associate lest they get in trouble or pick up bad habits? We see in their association the possibility of “infection” of undesirable habits or worse. Viagra on line order For ourselves we know that the company we keep can have consequences, viagra on line order and whether these are “guilt by association” or real influence, viagra on line order with whom we are may make a difference as to how we behave. Viagra on line order Do we recognize, viagra on line order however, viagra on line order that some of our own companions show us that side of us that we would rather not know?

Viagra on line order I was thinking about an old colleague who complained constantly about other members of our team. Viagra on line order Though I hated to admit it, viagra on line order in our conversations I, viagra on line order too, viagra on line order complained about some of our colleagues. Viagra on line order As a result we tended to paint ourselves into a corner where we could hardly see anything other than limitations. Viagra on line order Nothing our colleagues could do would ever be right, viagra on line order not could their actions satisfy our exacting standards.

Viagra on line order Even as we spun our negativity we saw ourselves as righteous and imagined that we had a positive impact on our own groups. Viagra on line order It wasn’t until much later, viagra on line order after we had stopped working together, viagra on line order that I realized how negative my colleague had been and how difficult it was to be around him. Viagra on line order More importantly, viagra on line order and much later, viagra on line order I came to understand that what I had thought about him also reflected on me. Viagra on line order My own negativity was visible to other colleagues and tainted the way I was perceived.

Viagra on line order The mirror, viagra on line order my colleague, viagra on line order showed me my own self.

Viagra on line order I also realized how important it is to surround myself with people with a more optimistic and open disposition. Viagra on line order Being a force for positive interactions can have a disproportionately beneficial impact in the workplace. Viagra on line order Removing toxic negativity does more, viagra on line order it creates the environment where increased awareness, viagra on line order productivity and collaboration exist.

Viagra on line order What part of your self are you seeing through your companions? If you could choose the qualities of those with whom you associate, viagra on line order and that others see in you, viagra on line order what would they be? How are you impacting your colleagues and your workplace?

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  1. L :) says:

    May 4th, 2012 at 10:44 am (#)

    What an amazing fortune cookie! I think I must eat at the wrong Chinese restaurants….

    The observation I will share is that I have had three experiences in the last 5 years or so where I left home and joined up with a group of strangers for a period of time (from a weekend to two weeks) to share some adventure of some sort. In one case it was a dogsledding trip, in another it was a weekend with a really amazing author, and in the last case it was travel to Asia to volunteer as an English Teacher. In all three cases, I was amazed at what really great relationships we were able to build over a very short period of time, despite the fact that everyone came from very different worlds and (in theory) had very little in common. I think we formed these relationships because fundamentally we all shared some common personality attributes that had led us to take these trips.

    I think that when we’re in our “normal lives”, we have access to a smaller range of companions because there are all of these filters that get applied (e.g. we seek companions who perhaps have a similar educational level, similar financial status, similar age etc) and it’s harder to find your personality soul mates since all of this other “stuff” gets in the way. We need to manage through that if we’re going to find companions who will really bring out the best in ourselves.

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