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Tinidazole 300mg pills $82.00 it’s been a few weeks since i sat at the computer with the specific intent of writing a blog.   Inspiration does not always come and, to be honest, I was putting all my energy into creating a teleseminar and then a webinar series with my colleague Jayne Douglas. At last, the three teleseminars have been successfully completed.   We connected with a few dozen people in a wide range of geographies and industries who found value in spending an hour with us.   A few also signed up for [tinidazole 300mg pills $82.00] individual coaching or the webinar series, , that begins this evening.   During the six-part series we will explore a number of concepts and use a few custom tools to deepen reflection, widen horizons and create opportunities.   (If you are interested in participating in a future teleseminar or webinar series, we will be offering both in just a few weeks.   Stay tuned!) The core set of books we used to create the series were already introduced in an earlier blog (). You may also find the following two TED talks not just thought provoking but also very entertaining.   They speak to one of the key disconnects that most of us feel at work:  our employers attempt to create monetary incentives which often have the opposite effect of creating an atmosphere where doing what we enjoy becomes a chore. These two TED talks are by Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality. I enjoyed all three books immensely. Dan Pink’s book Drive has been summarized in an extremely effective video available through .   Though the book adds a great deal of information and some excellent suggestions for putting the principles into action, the “comic strip” summary hits all the highlights. The keys to motivation, according to Pink, are 1) to tinidazole 300mg pills $82.00 provide autonomy, 2) connect with a higher purpose (meaning) and 3) have opportunities for mastery.   Not surprisingly, these three principles are closely aligned with those that Professor Tal Ben-Shahar lists as essential for happiness: pleasure, meaning and strengths. This may be the whole webinar series in a nutshell:  We can find our happiness at work and, hence, be motivated, when we are able to choose what we do well; when we enjoy doing  (and would do anyway) what gives our lives meaning; and when what we do allows us to use and build on our strengths. Seeing the principles tinidazole 300mg pills $82.00, and actually applying them to transform our career or reengage with the current one are two very different things.   Join us at a future seminar to translate these principles into meaningful action

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