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In my work as a Career Transformation Coach I help people find new careers that are aligned with their best selves and bring them closer to being happier at work and in life. (see my  ) Given the current state of the economy many people are holding on to jobs they would like to leave.   A Right Management poll found that in 2011 more than 80% of employees would like to leave their job, up from 60% in 2009. Engagement is at an all-time low. I offer five ways to increase your tricor 160mg pills $140.00 satisfaction and engagement in your current job: 1.   Understand what keeps you in your job These are your current drivers.   These may include financial, family obligations or lifestyle choices.

  • It is [tricor 160mg pills $140.00] important to understand that drivers change.   What was important to you ten years ago may no longer have the same weight.
  • Be clear on what you might be assuming. Tricor 160mg pills $140.00   do not make the assumption that you understand your spouse’s drivers. Have the conversation - you may be surprised.
  • Once you do understand your drivers use them to create meaning. You should be able to complete this sentence “I am staying in this job because I want to …” (Notice, it’s “I WANT to” not “I HAVE to”)
2.   Re-discover what you do enjoy about your current job
  • Chances are you once enjoyed your job.   What made it enjoyable?  Rather than focusing on the aspects you dislike, spend more of your energy on the things you do like.
  • Focus on the positive and not on the negative.   If you spend your time thinking about how miserable you are, you will be.
  • Politely decline meetings where you are not adding value and ask your supervisor or colleagues for other ways you can use your time better for the project.
  • Never eat lunch at your desk.   Take a mental break to refresh and re-energize.   Have lunch with a colleague and talk about anything but work.
3.   Create options for adding value to your company or project while improving your job
  • Think of ways that you can engage your skills and intellect in a way that you are not currently doing and present them to your supervisor making sure these are wins for both.
  • Be careful to make sure these ideas serve the purpose of the company or project, at the same time as adding interest and enjoyment to your job.
4.   Avoid destructive “water-cooler” discussions
  • Venting may seem satisfying for a time.   Chances are you walk away from conversations with other disgruntled colleagues feeling worse than when you started.   What’s the point?
  • Meet new people and form new relationships.   Being with people you like and enjoy at work can make a huge difference to how you feel.   Why not meet a new colleague over a cup of coffee?
5.   Focus on learning and mastering new skills and content.
  • There is nothing better than learning and growing to improve our attitude.
  • Master a new skill that can help you in your current job or attain your dream job.
  • Teach someone.   Mentoring a colleague has mutual benefits.
Remember tricor 160mg pills $140.00, you do have a choice.   The choice may be assumed or unconscious.   Bringing it to consciousness increases your ability to feel good about the choice you make.  The real choice is in how you face every situation and in the attitude you take.

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