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Like most of the world, I watched the Oscars last night.   It was wonderful to see Barbra Streisand, a pioneer woman director, present the Best Direction award to Kathryn Bigelow.   Although I can’t read lips and could not tell what was said, the emotion being conveyed by Streisand was joy and pride in Bigelow’s achievement. Streisand could have been a “Queen Bee”, envious and upset that the honor was bestowed on another woman. Wellbutrin 150mg pills $140.00 rather, streisand’s  “kvelling” (permit me a most appropriate yiddishism) at another’s achievement set an example. Meryl Streep similarly congratulated Sandra Bullock on winning the Best Actress award with obvious heartfelt joy. Streep has won her share, of course, and can afford to be generous yet her congratulations appeared no less genuine and were consistent with her well-known classiness. How often do we see that behavior in our workplaces among the women who “make it”?  It is not unusual for women who are promoted to leadership positions to resent the idea that they have a responsibility to other women.   Being a pioneer, often as the sole woman in an executive team wellbutrin 150mg pills $140.00, can be difficult and lonely.   Even so, the pioneer often resents and may undermine other women who later join the team.   The result, obnoxious comments about “cat fights” and a loss of trust and respect for all. Committing to being mentors and examples, women could help pave the way for others, change hostile environments and chip away successfully at the glass ceiling.   Organizations such as the Health Care Business Women’s Association (HBA) have implemented mentoring programs.   For information, please check with your local HBA chapter.   I have volunteered for this role with HBA’s Metro Chapter [wellbutrin 150mg pills $140.00] and am looking forward to meeting my mentees. As a senior leader I mentored both men wellbutrin 150mg pills $140.00 and women.   It is a wonderfully satisfying experience and I recommend it highly.   I can assure you that the mentor learns as much if not more from her mentees and the experience is invaluable. What can you do to mentor a colleague or give her (or him) a leg up at your workplace?

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