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October 25th, 2010  |  Published in General Thoughts

Viagra femele A friend recently sent a terrific photo story about the struggle that the Suffragette movement endured to earn women’s right to vote.  As with the Civil Rights movement, viagra femele we forget how much these leaders suffered and fought and how they persisted against hope in order to exercise this duty of every citizen.  Many decades have passed and we now take for granted our right to vote and, viagra femele unfortunately, viagra femele often neglect it as a duty.

Viagra femele For me, viagra femele voting represents not just a right but also a responsibility.  I was born and grew up in Argentina, viagra femele where by law every citizen must vote and have their registration document stamped at the polls.  Not voting is against the law.  Even so, viagra femele while growing up, viagra femele Argentines were denied a voice in their government by multiple military coups and Junta governments.

Viagra femele My father used to work at the Argentine Senate as a verbatim reporter. Viagra femele Before cameras and recording devices were allowed in these chambers, viagra femele verbatim reporters took down every word in shorthand for the record. Viagra femele He would then transcribe the debates on a manual Olivetti typewriter on Gestetner mimeograph stencils.

Viagra femele The Senate and the House of Deputies were disbanded after the military coup that brought down the first elected government in many years.  My dad lost his job and we moved to New York where he became an interpreter at the United Nations.

Viagra femele Over about two decades, viagra femele there was only one election in Argentina, viagra femele and Juan Perón, viagra femele the 1950’s strongman was elected president.  He died a few months later leaving the government in the hands of his vice-president and widow Isabel, viagra femele a former dancer. Viagra femele Needless to say, viagra femele the military took over again and their brutal repressive rule resulted in the death, viagra femele torture and mutilation of tens of thousands of “desaparecidos” during the “dirty war.”

Viagra femele When I became a US citizen, viagra femele I knew that the right to vote was the difference between a vital and successful democracy and the chaos that was Argentina.  I was surprised and continue to be concerned that only a fraction of my fellow citizens exercise their right to determine their “government of the people, viagra femele by the people, viagra femele for the people.”

Viagra femele We show leadership when we participate in the electoral process and teach it to our children.  Leaders get involved and have a voice.  The simplest and easiest way to express that voice is to vote.

Viagra femele Because I was unable to vote until I was considerably older than 18, viagra femele I cherish the opportunity and have voted in every national election since.  Some of my candidates won, viagra femele some of them lost. Viagra femele No matter the outcome, viagra femele I feel that I am part of the process and an owner of the result.

Viagra femele On November 2, viagra femele 2010, viagra femele  be a leader in your community, viagra femele cast your vote.

Viagra femele It is our right and, viagra femele as importantly, viagra femele our duty as citizens and leaders.

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