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Have you even been on one of those interminable flights where there is nothing to watch, read or do?  You’ve seen the movies offered by the airline, or the system needs to reboot every 20 minutes and they go right back to the beginning every time. Xenical 60mg pills $108.00 now that i carry several books on my ipad, it’s much harder to say i have nothing to read.   But this great technology gives me an even better solution. I am hooked on TED lectures and podcasts.   Before flying I download several TED lectures and make sure I have enough of a charge to last me the flight. There are so many fascinating speakers and so many topics that I often pick at random just to see what I might learn. Most recently I watched/listened to TED lectures by Barry Schwartz on wisdom, Matthieu Ricard on happiness xenical 60mg pills $108.00, Dan Ariely on decisions, William Ury on negotiations and, perhaps the one that had the most impact this [xenical 60mg pills $108.00] flight, Amy Cuddy on how body language shapes who we are. (here is the link to the ) This last lecture, by Harvard Business School social psychologist, Amy Cuddy really resonated with me and I have been recommending it to many of my clients and acquaintances.  When I got back to my office I searched for the original articles and anything else I could get my hands on to learn more. Though it’s tempting to repeat the lessons from this lecture in a blog, the lecture itself is so good that I do not want to detract from it. Perhaps it is this that I find most intriguing about these lectures: that they spark curiosity and further ideas.   For someone who values learning as much as I do, they can be invaluable.   They are also very entertaining, and just the right length with most just under 20 minutes. I love that TED lectures have brought back the lecture as a form of entertainment as well as education. If you are not able to download these to a tablet, spend a break watching one online. They will not only help you clear xenical 60mg pills $108.00 your mind, they make even spark your imagination.

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