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How many times have you heard (and ignored) this announcement by your friendly flight attendant?  It has always seemed to me that the recommendation promoted a certain level of selfishness that bothered me somewhat. Wouldn’t you want to help others, especially loved ones who may be less able to zoloft 100mg pills $141.00 help themselves?  Our nature is to both protect our own welfare and to help our loved ones. Logically, it makes great sense that someone who is losing breath may not be able to muster the energy and mental acuity to help someone else. Yet at a core level the statement appeared to go against what I thought might be my instincts. The phrase has been on my mind for weeks. Even so, I have procrastinated so long that I realize now it was because of my discomfort with the phrase, and, more importantly, my inability to heed it. For some time I have found myself burning the candle at both ends while trying to maintain some semblance [zoloft 100mg pills $141.00] of a normal life, work zoloft 100mg pills $141.00, and caring for the needs for aging family members. Though I thought I was managing reasonably well, my exhaustion at the end of the day told a different story. Gone were the exercise sessions and meals at regular times. Visits and activities with friends were few and shorter than initially planned. My “mask” was definitely not on securely. When originally thinking about the topic, I was thinking about our role as leaders.   The same need for self-care comes up when there are deadlines at work, important projects to manage or difficult situations to resolve.   We may put so much effort and energy into them that we end up depleting ourselves and may be unable to complete the objectives to our or anyone else’s satisfaction. Learning what it takes to keep us whole is essential to enable our success in all areas of life. Similarly, learning how deeply to engage in others’ work or issues, and what we need to do ourselves is critically important.   Perhaps the people who feel (and I would add cause) such stress are often micromanagers and perfectionists who feel they must have input on or approve all output and decisions.   Their need for control of work leads them to give up whatever energy or time may be available for self-care.  At the root, I believe, is a need to feel needed and purposeful that is expressed through a desire for control. Our 24/7 workplace and digital universe compounds the situation. It is nearly impossible to leave work behind at the office, if it even exists as a separate entity. Zoloft 100mg pills $141.00 at times of stress, my own savior is exercise. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an athlete.   However, working out for a short while every other day or so helps me de-stress and, even more importantly, influences other parts of my life that also promote well being. I am learning the wisdom in the title phrase; it is impossible to do well by others if we do not take care of ourselves. What is the “mask” that you must put on securely before helping others? Please share your thoughts with me and other readers in the comments.

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